Gates of BABYLOWNED [Orange Farm Archive]

Quiet, Mongrel.
Major Edit: Patch 1.01 Released! http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/amc/CFFUpdatePatch101.exe

With the release of Crucis Fatal Fake 1.00 I gotta say I’m impressed.  For a small time developer this game is really well done.  They extended the buffer on the input and stabilized netplay, the two big worries I had about the game coming to full release.  All the characters seem well done with certain featuresand room for breaking things, but all that comes with people finding infinite combos and patches coming out for it.  I’m really impressed.  I haven’t had this much fun in a while.

Tohsaka and Gilgamesh make a great team.  Which is great, because I have a really egotistical side that needs to be stroked with tsun-tsun.

The mechanics haven’t changed much from my last post about this game, but it’s pretty interesting to note some things about the new characters.  Berserker will come back to life with a small amount of HP as long as you have magic circuit for him to do so.  Ilya is not a tagable partner in battle, but rather the servant will constantly gain HP and Magic circuit while you use her.  She’s an excellent choice if you just want to play one servant.  The list is as follows for servants and masters:

Lazyness never felt so good.

All the move sets fit the characters pretty well.  Rider has an attack that chains someone from across the screen.  Souchiro can beat the shit out of most people, Tohsaka is limited by her jewels (as we already know from the trial), and gilgamesh can snap to make a noble phantasmic weapon appear out of no where.

I don’t normally endorse 3d fighters, but I really like this one.  If you can, spread the word a bit.

I feel this is an accurate description of this blog to date.

The specials are animated well and the only complaint I can really give this game is the 3D layers for things like Tohsaka’s skirt and rider’s hair go through things at times.  I don’t know much about 3D and I don’t really care for graphics.  I’ll let you know when people make broken combos and things really get on my nerves.  I think the best combo of intervals for the network settings is 3/1.  3/2 makes the input a little difficult.

It’s ashame our Ilya won’t fight, but I’m sure we’ll see something like this for Heaven’s Feel.  Mirror moon seems just about done with it, so I can’t wait.  It’s been a very type moon month.  And I like that.  So all we need is beast’s lair to finish Fate/Hollow Atraxia by 2008, and MBAA to come to PC before Christmas, and 2008 will be considered the year of Type Moon.

I’ll edit this post with more info as I get it.  Enjoy this Rin picture for now.


Edit: True assassin is unlockable.  Play arcade for a few rounds and he randomly shows up.  Beat him and he joins your servant playability unlockables.
Edit: The reason this game is so laggy is because it demands a perfect sync.  It looks for dropped frames, which causes lag.  If it can’t find the dropped frame it disconnects.  Maybe we can come out with an edit just to tell it to drop those couple frames, like most fighting games?  It’s an admirable approach, but it’s not realistic…atleast not with non-fiber optic internet.


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