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Kihihih~ Darkslime hates this picture >:3

So you wish to learn about the Orange Farm, do you?  Well, how do we put this simply!  How can you describe a blog about Moe, GAR, Touhou, and Loyalty!? Well, put quite simply –

We’re a collection of broken Otaku looking to archive our observations about the community.

The idea was forged between two long standing Otaku who decided to put their two blogs together into a dedicated collection of moe, mecha, and awesome.  At the Orange Farm we cover anime every season as well as keep our eyes out for doujin (games or otherwise) hitting the field, and have a big love for TypeMoon in general.  That being said, let me introduce our current writing staff!



Primary authors are the ones you’ll hear the most from.  We’re the ones dedicated to following things every season and are more or less required to post a few times a month.  Usually you’ll see many more than just a few, as we are the primary stakeholders in the blog and love to write.

Komidol:  A connoisseur of moe, a charismatic genius, the highest posting and founder of this blog – the loyal, loving, passionate Otaku Komidol.  Komidol is dedicated to being the first one to record Otaku’s response to new anime with his own spin on it and has a dedicated and balanced affinity for anime.  Though if he had to choose a group to associate with, you might say he’s a KyoAni fanboy, the Onii-chan of all magical girls, and a graduated Nasuologist.  But most of all, he’s the husbando of the lovely pink-haired maiden of Tsukihime and Melty, Broomstick Magical Girl Amber, Kohaku~

Catchphrases: “Ahh…I’m such a…” Tomoya, Clannad, buying Mei an expensive crepe.
“Koromo-Complex”, A reference to Koromo from Saki.
“Masturbatability” :coolface:
“I watched all of Endless Eight as it was coming out.”

He is also very dedicated to the rest of his 2D animu famiri, which he communicates to via dakimakura.

Darkslime:  The single player king in search of Touhou and Japanese mastery, your scatter brain, Darkslime!  Darkslime primarily covered mecha and Touhou on the blog, and does great things with the layout, site design, and banners.  He is still a founder but rarely posts anymore due to pursuit of his own interests.  If you’re lucky, he might stop normal fagging enough to cover an anime in a season – if Gundam is in the title!


Secondary writers are either trial writers who may become primary writers or people who don’t write very often.  We’re currently looking for more secondary writers with a lead into a third primary writer.  So if you think the blog is missing something, feel free to get in touch with me by either commenting here or another place on the blog – we read them all.

DesuFag:  To keep in some order to our completely sporadic style; DesuFag keeps up on over a dozen animes each season and weekly posts and summarizes about them.  As a frequenting 4ch fag and Rozen Maiden supporter, you can expect him to troll you either without trying or in places the rest of us might of missed.  Also, desu~

It always needs more desu, no exceptions.

*We are hiring, by the way.

Former Writers:

Fattierob: A man of future and legend – observance and soda – Fattierob.  Is a student of nasuology and has a /g/-level love for technology and space craft – though nothing will ever top his love for WWII-style naval ships.  Tending to stay away from the more popular anime, Fattierob normally takes a glimpse to older animes and games of value.  New stuff and sleeper hits occasionally catch his eye, and from time to time he’ll bring them up in a post.  Though nothing he ever says will be valuable because he hates mai waifu.

Kamina: When something is just GAR enough or has just a high enough power level, Kamina will arise and emerge from his shell to write about it.  He doesn’t write often, but his lack of grammar in favor of manlyness provides a unique style that’s always entertaining to read and can’t be found anywhere else.  Whether his writing is GAR or Slowpoke, you decide.

Anything else you guys do?

Yes, this blog’s greatest event is our Comiket coverage, started with our posts of C75 and more so with our previous coverage at C76.  Every Comiket, the primary writers will keep the page updated with new content and tools to view and obtain that content every couple hours!  By the end of the event we have an entire front page of posts only a couple days old and aim every Comiket to break our old record.  The site enters a new layout when Comiket is going on, so there’s no way you can miss out.

If you want to see some examples, you can click the Comiket category to see all those previous posts, but most of the content we only leave up during the event, so don’t miss out!

We hope you can all find something you like while here.  Linked in each author’s name is the author’s page, so you can start there.  They’re a little out of date, though.

If you do like what you see, comment, as it’s great motivation to keep writing!  We want to see your hot blooded, moe, mecha designed, LOYALTY!

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