Chaos Head 02/03 [Orange Farm Archive]

Shit’s gettin’ crazy.

The progression in Chaos;Head is going pretty well.  Each episode they’re changing or adding to a character, but I don’t see the story doing much.  I unfortunately don’t see much improving on the execution, but the transitions are getting a bit better.  Or maybe I just got used to it.

Nurse edition on sale where?

I liked Takumi’s visit to the psychiatrist.  It added a lot to his character, since we don’t know much about him other than he’s a hikikomori.  But wait, wouldn’t the cameras or data of picked up his delusions, or might they wonder about why he was talking to himself?  Wow, maybe healthcare is as bad as everyone is making it out to be this election.

The evil lord who will bring about the destruction of those mongrels, Gilgamesh…

I like the developments their bringing to the characters.  First time I saw this girl I hated her because of her facade.  Though, I can deal with occult lover.  What I can’t deal with is the heavy rock.


This was another interesting development.  It proves how untrustworthy those three-dimensional women are.  None the less I can’t say I agree with Takumi completely.  While I know 2d women are in general better than 3d women, you need to consider one thing…


Cute imouto are the source of all moe in the world.  Why the hell is he going around making fun of the only thing he’s completely sure of.  He has one hot little sister.  That’d keep me sane.

Hay thar.

I like the way they’re phasing in the weapons.  It’s not going action catchy teen power action anime.  The styles of the OP/ED currently have nothing to do with the anime and I like that.  While the ED is catchy they’re far too poppy to really be an accurate description of the great tone Chaos;Head sets for itself, which is really the best thing it has going for it.

Hi guise.

…seriously, who are you?

Dude’s got hemorroids, big time.

I like they decided to give us another grotesque event since they’re flashing back to the first event with Rimi so often.  It’s about time they progressed onto the next arc, which I hope is far more rewarding than the first.  It’s got enough of a start, so I can only hope it takes off from here.  It’s going to have to if it wants to beat out Clannad for #1 this season.

Time space anomaly story line, engage.

The person holding the sign is…

A) Takumi

B) Takumi’s father.

C) Last person affiliated with his precognition abilities or the powers the girls have.

D) Me.

You decide.  All I know is, I’m looking forward to episode four…

Wouldn’t it be something if this wasn’t a delusion and he was actually doing it intentionally?  Yeah, I doubt it too.

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