Crucis Fatal Fake 0.9 Released! [Orange Farm Archive]

Excalibur spam for the fucking win.

Yes, you must click the read more button if you aimlessly found my site and want the download link.

Fate/Stay Night for a long time has been one of my favorite H-games, and with the English Heaven’s Feel patch being released very, very, soon; I went out searching of something to feed my hype.  While I enjoy Type Moon’s 2d fighter, Melty Blood, and 2d fighters in general, much more – this fan made 3D fighter is genuinely fun.

Now of course in my hype search alot of the stuff I found was for Unlimited Codes, which has yet to come online or onto the PC.  Now you may ask, why Komidol?  Why would you not wait for unlimited codes?  What makes this game better?  It’s just fanmade, right?  Well, I have one response to all these questions…

Shit’s got netplay.

Built in, at that.  Above you can see a close match between me and my buddy goopman.  Now, versions of fatal fake have been put out in the past(very slow and only featuring servant vs. servant combat), but this sequel runs a much faster gameplay and the new servant/master system.  Furthermore, in this recently released trial Shirou and Archer are now playable.

For those new to Fatal Fake for each fight you pick a servant and master.  This trial only supports four, Shirou, Archer, Tohsaka, and Saber currently.  In each fight you get three command spells as well.  The objective is to defeat the opponent master.  Basically the two work as a tag team with assist attacks.  However, when your servant is alive and out of play, they will regen health.  When the master is in play however, they are vulnerable to attack.  If the master is defeated, whether or not a servant remains, the player loses the match.  Some attacks, especially specials, hit both the master and servant even if the servant is in play.  The command spells allow for near-instant tag outs, the servants to regenerate health, and at times, special attacks.

Based on who you master is, you have a certain amount of total circuits available to you.  For example, Tohsaka is 4.  Most specials require the use of two circuits (which charge when you deal and take damage) to use.  Most specials are 236236A or 236236B.

The game has some unique features for each character.  Of course they have their noble phantasms or special abilities, but the little things like Tohsaka having a max of ten jewels (which she can use better normal attacks with) make this game have an “at-home” feel.  It doesn’t feel fanmade in the slightest other than the buggy netplay which disconnects from time to time.  None the less, it’s still in alpha, and playable.  Being fan-made it has it’s issues but overall the game is both fun and entertaining.  With this system matches can go on for a very long time.

And finally, what you’re all waiting for…

Developer’s Site: http://www.lights-maguro.com/

Download Link:  http://mirror.studio-ramble.com/download.php?id=4075

You can guess my team…

Edit: Information Update*
Unofficial source Crucis final version is out on the 24th. 


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