[DesuFag] Skidrow Shootout [Orange Farm Archive]

Never trust a maid.  Never trust anyone in the city of Roanapur.  Let’s Rock and Roll!

In the third installment of Black Lagoon, shit really hits the fan.  The different parties involved in the hunt for Roberta finally meet up, and end up shooting at each other, all the while taking shots from Roberta.  But that’s usually how Black Lagoon goes.  The US Army and a secondary cartel end up meeting each other in a skidrow, with the US army fucking dominating the cartel.  Lagoon Company + Chink + Sawyer+ Lotan “The Wizard”, also meet up with FARC, and our protags dominate them too.  The important part was Rock actually putting his plan into motion, much like how the Nuns from the Ripoff Church have done in the past.  Another good part is the butting of heads between Fabiola and Revy, ideals vs realism.

The Wizard, as FAAAAABULOUS as always

As for my favorite Black Lagoon character, Roberta, she joins the stage wielding an M82 Barrett with a grenade launcher attachment, weilding it one-handed like a badass, taking our both FARC and the US Army.  Totally unrealistic, but I didn’t care.  Her head games are starting to take their toll, as she speaks with the spirit of her deceased master over the catatonic shota that lays at her feet.  This episode really convinces you that she’s gone off the deep end.  Overdoses and speaking with spirits doesn’t show sanity to me.  I was amused at how she feigns attraction to a FARC soldier before pumping about 4 shots from a weapon built into her belt buckle into his chest, before smashing his brains out.  That was a nice touch.

Nice Mac10s…

One thing I commend Black Lagoon for is the gunshot effects.  Each gun sounds different, so it is easy to identify who is shooting, as well as being accurate (roughly) to what each gun sounds like.  It is not a generic “bang”.  Revy’s Cutlasses have a clanging sound to them, while Roberta’s M82 has a deep boom, with a short ring.  It’s very easy on the ears to know how much work has gone into the work on the sounds of just the guns.  Another thing I was very impressed with was the firing rate of the M4s that were being fired by the US commandos.  A clip that empties in about 3-5 seconds.  It was very impressive because that’s how fast the M4 fires, a nice difference from the usual 15-30 seconds I see in a lot of other shows.  Full auto eats through your magazine.  It is nice to see a show that compliments this fact.

Fucking Owned

In the next episode, The Rip-Off Church and Balalaika get involved, as things get even more people enter the stage.  My favorite arc continues as everyone dances El Baile de Muerte.

And HHNNNNGGGG more Roberta as well

2 Responses to “[DesuFag] Skidrow Shootout [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Savage
    January 22, 2011 at 9:31 PM

    Magazine, my friend.

  2. 2 desufag
    January 23, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    I tried so hard not to use that word, but it looks like I missed one, lol

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