Wanko to Kurasou [Orange Farm Archive]

Translation: Lets live with a dog!

TakaJun you pervert.

Expecting a Clannad 03 post, weren’t you?  Well, a couple bloggers have already screen shot the death out of you-know-which-scene, and my inferiority complex requires me to take it a step farther.  Thus forth, I will make a post consisting of almost every frame Mei has been in since Clannad ~After Story~ has begun, and maybe even a couple from the original series.  For this though, I will wait for Clannad 04, for the sunohara arc in order to get as much Mei-chan as possible.

I obviously needed something to do while waiting for that.  What should an anime otaku do in their spare time?

So I’m at mirror moon, downloading my next English H-game patch.

I mean sure, there were other things to do.  I even tried a couple normal games.  Though, I tend to like just about everything TakaJun or Ryuusoul translate, so I put my faith in them.  Being the typemoon bitch I am, I haven’t played many H-games out of their franchise.  So I go in, expecting the general H-game setup.  One girl with big boobs, a tsun-tsun, a loli, some twins, and maybe a cat is fine too.  So I load up my H-game hero, who will do every girl of the cast without shame, and of course I’ll pick the girl who is not the main character.  I’m all prepared and know what to expect.  And what do I get…?

a dog is fine too

The premise for the game is an alternate universe where cats and dogs (along with a few other animals) have evolved to live in the human world.  Evolution is sped up to compensate for the world humans live in, and anthropoid animals make great pets.  For those of you who failed biology, anthropoid in this context, is essentially derived to mean “human form”.  So, this universe has developed into treating them like mongrels, where they need to get a license to even leave the house, despite the fact they’re able to talk, act, and look very much like humans.  The downsides include some dull/boring scenes and it’s for a very target audience.  But once you get through the initial prologue and first few hours of gameplay you’re throughly rewarded.

Overall the game presents a pretty peaceful mood.  You can sit down after a long day and feel really at home.  It’s a little on the generic side, but the game knows it’s audience.  It’s really light reading compared to visual novels like Utawarerumono / Fate/StayNight and is a fun way to laze around when you’re mildly in the mood and entertain your mind at the same time.  And of course it’s not all cat/dog girls.  After the prologue you wind up living with Mikan’s previous owner, Risa, and make friends with the loli-MILF at the local pet shop.

Computer parts, ey Risa?

The random transitions to sexual scenes and the open discussion of certain things is a little unnerving and slightly comedic at first.  Those remnants you have of society and privacy start to go a bit crazy, and it feels like something is off.  You get those initial feelings that “this can’t be real” or the knowledge you are playing a game rings over and over.  Seeing the abrubt changes start to mess with your mind…

So at first I was like…


(11:54:13 PM) Komidol: ARGHHHH
(11:54:17 PM) Komidol: DESTROYING
(11:54:19 PM) Agent556: which one
(11:54:19 PM) Komidol: MY THOUGHTS
(11:54:19 PM) Agent556: which one
(11:54:23 PM) Komidol: Wanko to Kurasou
(11:54:25 PM) Agent556: dont you dare say wanko to kur
(11:54:25 PM) Agent556: oh
(11:54:26 PM) Agent556: god
(11:54:27 PM) Komidol: iosrghjjsirphjsirhj
(11:54:29 PM) Agent556: oh
(11:54:30 PM) Agent556: fucking god
(11:54:31 PM) Agent556: you did it
(11:54:33 PM) Agent556: i knew you did it
(11:54:34 PM) Agent556: i fucking knew it
(11:54:39 PM) Komidol: “She wants one rape, one gang rape, two normal, and one of my choice”
(11:54:39 PM) Agent556: when you said destroying your thoughts
(11:54:44 PM) Agent556: i knew it was going to be wanko to kursaou
(11:54:45 PM) Agent556: oh my god
(11:54:52 PM) Komidol: Oh my god
(11:54:57 PM) Agent556: iaweoihaegiohagoawoigaewpiawoiawoiaeighawohaewoihaewioha
(11:54:58 PM) Komidol: You KNEW?
(11:54:59 PM) Agent556: thats what you get
(11:55:01 PM) Agent556: -_-
(11:55:10 PM) Agent556: wanko to kurasou…. wank until it hurts?
(11:55:12 PM) Komidol: Wanko is doggy
(11:55:14 PM) Agent556: lol.
(11:55:15 PM) Agent556: but yeah
(11:55:19 PM) Agent556: when i saw they finished translating that
(11:55:21 PM) Agent556: i was like oh god
(11:55:27 PM) Agent556: then i was waiting until the day you would get it
(11:55:34 PM) Agent556: because i knew it would happen because it was translated by mirror moon
(11:55:36 PM) Komidol: YOU WERE WAITING FOR ME?!
(11:55:36 PM) Agent556: and you always go there
(11:55:37 PM) Komidol: [WHAT?
(11:55:37 PM) Agent556: so i was like
(11:55:38 PM) Agent556: hahahahahahahah
(11:55:39 PM) Komidol: [weopyjwriophjwrio-ghjsri-9hjsrh9jr80- HOW THE FUCK
(11:55:40 PM) Agent556: so now im like
(11:55:42 PM) Agent556: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


But then…I lol’d.  Because, I thought how great this universe is and how awesome it would be to have my own anthropoid pet.  I could finally have an imouto sort of relationship.  And now I realize…it doesn’t matter.  Mikan’s here, just for me.  Mikan, and my new roomate Risa, and her dog and mine.  Me and my Nanoha-snuggles and them can all live happily together.  And I honestly believe that.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go take my dogs for a walk.  Want to go play frisbee, Mikan?



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  1. 1 komidol
    October 22, 2008 at 11:57 PM

    Orange-kun approved.

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