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[drmchsr0] Fractale, licensing and anime, or why we allow corporations to decide what we want to watch [Orange Farm Archive]

So apparently, Bandai, Denso, Shueisha and the group of Corporations that decide Fractale’s fate told Funimation to stop their simulcast, citing “the need to eliminate internet piracy” before it would go on. While in France, they allow the simulcast to go on.

Aside from the France jokes I’d love to crack, and the burning urge to criticize the role of corporations on the global fabric of humanity, I feel that there’s a serious lack of education on how anime is made today. With that, let us begin.

(BTW, pic is minami’s work. Hatsune Miku is copyrighted to Crypton/Yamaha)

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[drmchsr0] Ao Usagi has invaded your Fridays [Orange Farm Archive]

This is Ao Usagi. He is presumed to be a white mouse. All we know about him is that he loves big breasts, and his thought processes are clearly Lovecraftian in nature. Cthulhu himself would have gone mad after peering into his mind, make no mistake.

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[DesuFag] (C79 Late Post) Doujin Angle [Orange Farm Archive]

Alas, last week was an interesting week.  Here’s an accurate description.  Anyway, I’m back and ready to cover the doujin angle of Comiket, albeit a tad bit late (the yandere tend to have a nasty habit of putting you out of comission).  I have three doujins lined up that I came across that I though were some of the favorites of those I was able to scrounge up.  Let’s get started, shall we?

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Lunar Eclipse (Fate//Zero Anime Announced!) [Orange Farm Archive]

…is happening right now~

So go look at the lunar eclipse on the moon if you haven’t already!  Happy winter solstice to all my late night viewing readers~

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[drmchsr0] Oh snap! Bill 156 is now law! [Orange Farm Archive]


Bill 156 has been passed. I’m not amused, since everyone is either screaming their heads off at the ‘death knell’ of anime, spewing toxic misinformation, or are getting ready for the inevitable death of anime.

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[drmchsr0] Tokyo plans to regulate “harmful materials” [Orange Farm Archive]

If Bill 156 passes, you ain’t gonna see things like this anymore. (O HAI HUMON (website, deviantart), I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND THIS)

If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a summary.

Approximately 6 months ago in Tokyo, a bill regarding the restriction of certain “harmful materials” to minors (which is to say, mostly visual mediums) was not passed in Japan due to it’s vagueness.

Now, the bill is back for passing. It’s still pretty vague, but now, it has to adhere to criminal law. Which is to say, no loli stuff, no rape, defamation laws have to be followed, etc…

Which has led to the big 10 Manga publishers to boycott the Tokyo Anime Fair.

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[Komidol] Ore no Imouto short~ [Orange Farm Archive]

Kyou ga ii GO POWER DAY – ~*KIRA*~!!

I’ve immensely enjoyed the recent two episodes but I’m buried in my other obligations this week.  I’ll just say haters gonna hate and I’ve really loved seeing Kirino having so much these past two weeks.  Also, Bridget-chan’s bow was adorable.  I’ll try and make it up to you guys with a Kirino character analysis this weekend.  I’ll also see if I can squeeze out a full Nanoha movie review and some Yosuga no Sora posts before the holidays as well.  Enjoy my co-writers posts until then!  We’ll be making major changes in 2011, so enjoy the rest of the ride this anime season!


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