[DesuFag] (C79 Late Post) Doujin Angle [Orange Farm Archive]

Alas, last week was an interesting week.  Here’s an accurate description.  Anyway, I’m back and ready to cover the doujin angle of Comiket, albeit a tad bit late (the yandere tend to have a nasty habit of putting you out of comission).  I have three doujins lined up that I came across that I though were some of the favorites of those I was able to scrounge up.  Let’s get started, shall we?

(C79) (同人誌) [Orion] 俺の翠星石がこんなに可愛いのは当たり前

You knew this was coming

I’d like to start off with a doujin that covers mai Royal Highness her Queen Suiseiseki.  Primarily, the doujin is about Jun trying to draw Sui and create a 3D model of her using whatever software is shown on his computer.  The artwork is what I’d expect from doujins about Rozen Maiden, being somewhat bland (this is not Kaitsushin or Blue Garnett RM art, sadly), although in this doujin, Jun’s reaction faces are especially hilarious.  Overall, its a rather quick doujin, but a personal favorite because ~desu.  It’s nice to see that Rozen Maiden still gets love even after all these years.  SEASON THREE WHAR?

(C79)[BlueBrand (Fujimaru)] Semete, Ano Yuki no You ni

This doujin left a void in me

Semete, Ano Yuki is an orignal work from BlueBrand.  It chronicles the short history of a boy working in a family restaurant who meets a classmate on the roof everyday.  She’s often covered in bandages and bruises, but I can’t say much else without spoiling it.  It is a depressing read, but the art is pretty well drawn with good amounts of detail.  Despite the ending leaving a void in me, I would gladly read again if it ever gets translated (I don’t read moon).  I feel the characters where well depicted, and had realistic expression displayed when they interacted with each other, and this strength makes it a very good doujin.

(C79) [Yamaguchirou (Yamaguchi Shinji)] BREATH (Kimi ni Todoke)


Breath, drawn by Yamaguchi Shinji, features shoujo favorite Kimi ni Todoke.  This doujin does have H, but it captures the passion and romance, something that is lacking in a lot of the doujins nowadays.  In this area alone, it excels, and I felt almost like I was reading an extra omake chapter of something, partly because the art is very close to the original art of the series itself.  The doujin covers a story of Sadako and Kazehaya sharing their feelings, something that eventually leads to a very passionate scene.  It has a slow pace that builds the romance and passion before the H scene, which is another plus, instead of the normal “Lets do it” plot of most H doujins today (not that you need plot for a doujin, but it helps).  Breath was the best of the doujins I was able to find.

For those of you still hunting down C79 doujins, I wish you luck in your endeavors, and hope some of you look into three doujins here.  And remember to look out for them yandere…


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