[Komidol] C79 Ougon Musou Kyoku Game Mechanics v1.00 Day 2 [Orange Farm Archive]

What we lost some of Day 2 coverage?  I was too busy playing the Umineko fighter!  Gah, since C77, fighters have kept me from doing a decent reporting job!  We’ll just pretend yesterday never happened, haha…heh.  Sorry.

Launcher screen, the first one there is “windowed” mode above fullscreen.  A+B is special and A+B+C is meta-button.

So after getting installed and setup (you may need applocale or Japanese regional settings to use the launcher), we get into the game.  As any fighting gamer well knows (which most of my readers likely aren’t, and you might not find too much value in this post overall) the first thing we want to hit after our options is training mode.  For those unfamiliar to the notation used for the moves, simply look at a number pad.  Each movement represents a directional input with 5 being unmoving.  So, quarter circle forward is 236.  Forward and an attack (say B button) would be 6B.  j. would be jump, and c. f. mean close or far, since some attacks have proximity in this game.  If there is a slash, such as 236A/B/C, that means you use either 236A, 236B, or 236C.  If something is in parenthesis it is either a note or optional to do.  I’m sure there are guides elsewhere on how to read the notation if that isn’t enough.  Anyway, here’s the training mode menu translation:

Please turn recovery on before trying to learn any combos.

So here’s a few game mechanics you might want to know of.  I come from a melty blood background so this is what I’m going to compare it to.  Present the movement looks like this:

– One aerial jump, which may be a super jump (except for Eva Beatrice, who also has an Air Dash).
– Backdash, which have a bit of invincibility.
– Most characters have varying speed 66 Dashs.

The game mechanics work as follows:

– Getting hit by a long combo induces a “stun” state on you where you cannot do anything.  It is labeled by gold butterflies flying around your head.  For all intents and purposes, being stunned continues a valid combo for your opponent regardless of what they do while you are stunned.  Getting hit or a 5ish second wait cancels your stun.
– You cannot hit an opponent more than once after an untechable hit, not allowing for any sort of “juggle”-system, unless they are stunned.
– You tech by hitting any attack button.
– You can “dash cancel” any normal by hitting 66 dash during a combo.
– There is a “Touch” system for changing out to your partner.  There is guard touch, normal touch, damage touch, and assault touch.  Assault touch 236(A+B) or 236 your assigned A+B button (which I will refer to as D, from now on) uses two of your partners special bars and does a special attack linkable into most normals which changes your character.  Damage Touch is a “burst” that cost two of your partners specials you use while getting hit by a normal.  Guard touch temporarily guard breaks your opponent and changes out your character – it’s pretty dangerous to get hit by this.  Normal touch is the most interesting, because while it tags you out for no meter, it also has the most benefit as it grants you your partner’s special ability.  All touches except assault touch are done by hitting the tag button at the named times (obviously guarding, taking damage, or otherwise).  You can also cancel normals with an “attack touch” which will send your opponent in with a fast overhead for extending combos or a surprise attack.  This isn’t a game you want long block strings in, as there is very little stun and opponents can break your assault with touch.
– You can meta cancel any normal by hitting your assigned meta-cancel shortcut or by pressing A+B+C.
– Using a touch or dash cancel induces a “waiting” state on your partner where you cannot switch out or use a touch/dash cancel of any sort.
– Meta World can either be canceled into or activated normally granting you access to both you and your partners abilities, and meta specials (which can be used free of cost by inputting 641236C).  The Meta World can be canceled by your opponent if they hit A+B+C and spend two available meter to do so.  You can than override, but at the cost of 25% meta time, and two meter of your own by hitting your meta button or A+B+C.  They can then override again for three SP, and you can overturn even that for 2SP and 50% of the duration.
– The attack chain is very similar to Full Moon in melty blood.  You can only go Special->A->B->C->Special and cancelling normals through meta, attack touch, or dash cancel (like Roman Cancel, Homing Cancels, or Initiative Heat in GG/AH/MB respectively) resets the chain.  Unfortunately due to a lack of a juggle system or advanced tech system, it’s somewhat restricting.  If you’re looking for easy combos, most characters can do 5ABC Dash Cancel 5ABC
– Every character has a unique ability.  More details (and about mechanics and character specifics in general) can be found on the mizuumi wiki or the character moveset page (JP; but has visual depictions to show you all the motions and available supers a character has).  Some character’s abilities (such as Lucifer’s extra attack touch or Ange’s stun boost) override the rules above.

That all being said, I hope it clears somethings up for you.  I’m playing Eva/Lucifer, so here’s some basic stuff I’ve figured out.

Eva’s 6B Launches an untechable hit but you can’t air combo like you might in other games.  I also didn’t notice any sort of OTG damage system.  So, you only get one chance to do something when you hit 6B.  That’s either j. 63214A for ~680, j.63214D for ~890, or let them fall and hit them with a special on their way down.

Lucifer’s 3C can be used in a loop.  That user has updated their youtube page with some helpful combos (though some are unrealistic in gameplay), and done some neat exploration into most characters if you’re looking to do more research.

Here’s a non-meta combo I came up with abusing Lucifer’s extra attack touch ability:

As Eva – 236A/B/C 5B 2B f.5C Dash Cancel (DC) 5B 2B f.5C Attack Touch (AT) to Lucifer 2A(A) 5B 2B 5C 236C 236C(2 Hits) 236C.  After tagging to Lucifer, you could also do 5B 2B 5C 236236C if you have two meter, also.

From this we can sort of derive Eva’s and Lucifer’s most basic combos for extending with touches or meta cancels.

Eva -> (236A/B/C) 5B 2B f.5C DC 5B 2B f.5C Ender

Make sure the second 5C is a far 5C by not rushing after your dash cancel.  If it turns into a close 5C, you will whiff 2C.  As with the above combo, the 236 starter is optional but more likely.

Enders: 2C 214B.  Simple, untechable.  Cancel it fast.  Free setup for Jelly (22C) or overhead 214C.  Omit 2C if you can’t get it to work.  If you use this special, you can’t cancel with it.
236236C If you have two meter to spend.  I think the meter is better spent elsewhere, so only use this for the kill or stun.  You might rather consider an Assault Touch (236D), attack touch to extend the combo, or otherwise.
In Meta World, you can end with your special 641236C.  Great damage due to it’s non-existant proration.

Lucifer -> 2B c.5C (2hits) DC 5B 2B 5C Ender
Lucifer -> 5B 2B f.5C DC 5B 2B 5C Ender

The first combo is more likely as it hits  low.

Enders: 236C 236C(2 hits) for characters or positions you might whiff the last 236C, leaving you vulnerable.
236C 236C(2 hits) 236C for the full rekka, giving you oki (a setup of your choosing).
236236C, the special ender if you have 2 meter to spare.  A bit of extra damage for the kill.

And here’s a meta field combo I came up with (easily add some basic hits and a meta-cancel before this if you so please -it’s actually a bit safer):

In Meta World as Eva 236A/B/C 5B 2B f.5C DC 5B 2B c/f.5C AT_Lucifer 5B 2B f.5C 641236C Stun Dash Meaty5B 2B f.5C DC 5B 2B c.5C(2) 236C 236C(2 hits) 236C Gives Oki, DMG 2701 vs Battler

If you didn’t cancel into Meta World, you can use 236236C with Lucifer (given you have two meter) instead of 641236C or use her meterless full rekka 236C 236C(2hits) 236C if you have no meter (but I’m not sure if that gives stun to follow up with).

Of course, you can extend either damage in these combos by doing a 5B 2B 5C rep + meta cancel or starting the opposite way (very similar inputs) and using Eva’s meta-special as a finisher (which is a couple hundred shy of a thousand damage and completely unprorated, meaning if you add it onto any combo you get the full damage).  Once you get used to the system you just get a feeling of what you “can” do, and won’t be following any sort of rigid cancel/combo system, and just use what you have available to extend combos as much as possible.  Just make sure to end with an untechable attack like a special or Eva’s 214B or Lucifer’s full rekka so your opponent get’s knocked down, leaving you time for a meaty (an attack done as the opponent is making up, such as to hit them if they attempt anything) nail (214A/B/C or j.214A/B/C) or jelly (22C) placement.

That being said, the game is pretty fresh and new – so expect a lot of changes (this is just my day one analysis).  Hopefully more tech/juggle systems are added to the engine so we can get off a boring combo system and start seeing some variety.  For right now, I think it’s amazing as a launch title.

Hope to see some of you on netplay, but try to get out there and play without delay.  Feel free to check out the nico streams if you want to watch some JP players going at it on the net or otherwise.


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