[DesuFag] Happy New Year and Picks of 2010 [Orange Farm Archive]

Happy New Year!  Let’s kick things off with a look back at 2010.

Its a new year, and I’ve always wanted to make a post detailing the finer points of 2010.  These views are merely my own, and not necessarily the views of the other writers.  Feel free to comment.

Best Comedy: Baka to Test to Shojanku

Baka to Test to Shokanju wins for best comedy.  It had an original idea for having students battling with test scores, and for battling with those scores using summoned avatars of the characters selves.  Throw in a lot of laughs, jokes, references, and you have Baka to Test.  I looked forward to this show every week.

Best Slice of Life: K-On Season 2

There can be no other entry here than K-on’s second season.  K-on’s second season took the anime community by storm, and that is something hard to ignore.  The music is superb, and the characters are well thought-out archetypes that complement each other, keeping the axles greased so-to-speak.  A fine work by Kyo-Ani.  As I type this, actually, I finally got around to reading the K-on manga, which is in itself a fine 4koma comic.  K-on definitely deserves its pick for best Slice of Life.

Best Harem: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Take a badass lead and give him a bunch of girls coming after him, along with a following dictacting which girl is best.  The springtime’s Color Wars were definitely something I enjoyed taking a part in, as well as my first post on this blog.  It’s almost been a year since then, but I can still remember Sai Akuto kicking ass and taking maiden’s hearts like it was yesterday.  Becoming a demon lord was the best thing to happen to you, you stud.

Best Historical: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

Historical anime tend to be low in number, so this may be a default victory, but the accuracy of the major events of Shinsengumi Kitan are largely historically accurate.  And, my love for Bakumatsu era certainly led me to have a bias with this choice.  I love history, and this anime gave me a good dose of it.  A fine work.

Best Story: Katangatari

In an anime that only aired once a month, Katanagatari had to up the ante to run with anime that air weekly.  It did so with stunning consistency, offering high quality animation every time, with episodes that also ran about 45 minutes long.  A tale of a swordless style collecting the 12 legendary blades.  A truly epic tale, consisting of good character archetypes, design, action, twists,  and a definitive conclusion.  Only House of Five Leaves contended here.

Best Supernatural/Mystery: Shiki

Sometimes it’s nice to have a good “Whodunnit” anime.  Shiki excels in dynamic storytelling of how the village is dying, and the two protagonists trying to figure out exactly what the hell is going on.  The character expressions were well done I thought, and plot twists were up to par with what you’d expect from a good mystery as well.  Altogether, a fine supernatural mystery anime.

Best Romance: Kimi ni Todoke

Big surprise here.  It initially began in fall of 09, but it ran all the way up through March of 2010, and was my “camping for subs” anime of the year.  Sparkles, bubbles, and adorable and amusing facial expressions filled made the show memorable, while have a good realistic story and plot events that drive character development.  My body was not ready for the constant heart attacks this show gave me due to Sadako.

Best Action: High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is a no-brainer for this choice.  Tits, ass, guns, zombies, and Hirano.  The anime stayed very close to its manga counterpart, and well within the allowance for artistic creativity.  It provided action, fanservice, and realistic character expressions for the most part.  Also, while Zombie setting may be a cliche here in the States, for a Japanese to run with a zombie theme and make it enjoyable is a feat in itself.

Best Drama: Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

I don’t even need to think.  The intricate delicacy that hangs in the balance that keeps sanity in the city of Roanapur is shattered by the return of the mad dog maid, and everyone is out to get her.  Rock sets a plan into action that will get the Maid safely back to her hometown, but not before shit goes awry, and some epic gunbattles occur.  Bringing back the dynamic duo of Revy and Rock, as well as the of Lagoon Company, and well as extremely high quality animation makes this a perfect choice for best Seinen.

Best OVA: Negima: Another World

I initially was going to go with Black Rock Shooter, but then I remembered how accurate Negima: Another World was to it’s manga source.  And how could I forget the badassery of Jack Rakan and Negi Springfield?  Negi is the most badass 10 year old in a running series.  Shaft has done a fine job of animating Mahou Sensei Negima, the OVAs at least, and capturing the quirks of KEn Akamatsu’s characters.  When all is said and done, Negima: Another World paved the way for the Negima Movie that is soon to come, and likely with the conclusion of the tournament match between Negi and Rakan.  My body will not be ready.

Best Original Work: Angel Beats!

The other main choice (Panty and Stocking) for best original work never stood a chance.  A well though out concept, a well written screenplay, and a story that tugs at your emotions.  A diverse cast of characters and a stellar music selection added to the anime as well.  As a fellow faggot for anything from KEY, this was a fine work, but I felt it was a little lacking compared to Clannad, but that had a VN to follow, and this is the section for best original work.  Angel Beats is really the only choice here.

Best Animated Movie:

There can be no other entry for Best Movie other than the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  Unlimited Blade Works never stood a chance, not being able to deliver the potential it could have (although I got exactly what I came for anyway).  I am aware that this movie aired in theaters last year, but the DVD/BD release of this movie was so anticipated that I felt it should be included.  Character expression caused this movie to be phenomonal.  It was very detailed and realistic.  I enjoyed seeing such a fantastic adaption of the Haruhi Light Novels.  Twists and turns were brought to light in a way fitting the series, and were not forced.  A fine motion picture, and deserving of its choice here.

Best OP: Someone Else – Working!! OP

SOMEWAN WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN WAN.  I can’t think of another OP that was so catchy that you could not stop listening to it.  It was one of the most definitive openings of the year, with only a few coming close to being as good, but Someone Else takes the pick here.

Best ED: Aoi Haru – Seitokai Yakuindomo ED

Heartcatch Paradise originally had this locked down, but Angela’s Aoi Haru from Seitokai Yakuindomo proved to be a worthy competitor for best ED.  In the end, two tough choices, but Aoi Haru won over.  I like the references in it, and the stylized art in it as well.

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