[DesuFag] Anarchy [Orange Farm Archive]

The above image was my initial reaction to the latest episode of Panty and Stocking.  For the most part, it was ALMOST a complete abomination, but leave it to Gainax to save a show in the end.

There are five shorts all packed into a single episode.  The first, a brief short about Brief inhaling a shrunken Panty and Stocking and getting “operated on” by Garter was a start to bad things.  While there was a plot, seeing Brief get plowed was not what I watch this show for, although since this is P&S, I should not be surprised.

The second short started off a trilogy of Back to the Future spoofs that really weren’t.  I was so excited for time traveling hijinks that I put the actual Back to the Future soundtrack theme, only to be disappointed by a trio of shorts that had absolutely nothing to do with Back to the Future.  They were more of a coming of age short for the woobie of the show, Chuck, in which he defeats his arch-nemesis from the Scanty and Kneesocks side.  The third short was more of an Eraserhead reference than anything.  And while I like Eraserhead, I would have greatly preferred Back to the Future.

So, with four-fifths of the episode devoted to what I’m guessing is the animators wanting to do whatever they want to animate with a set amount of budget, I had really low hopes for the fifth part.  What I was expecting was not what I received.  I expected another non-sensical short that did nothing to progress the main plot.  Instead I got one of the best music videos I have ever seen.  References to the Beatles, Elvis, the Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, KISS, and several other noteworthy bands of American music legend.  It was nothing short of HOLY SHIT AMAZING.

In my eyes, the sheer awesome of the music video caused all major shortcomings of the episode to be overlooked.  I may not be as big into music as some of those who I run with, but I know enough to be very impressed by the accuracy of some of the works referenced, getting even backgrounds, outfits, and styles correct.  The final bridge before the last chorus is done masterfully, showing off both a high quality Panty and Stocking playing their instruments, despite their lack of clothes, and yet not in a tasteless way.  Gainax, you sure know how to save an episode, as well as waste a budget on something that isn’t needed, yet will earn you a shitton of money from soundtrack sales (I have mine on preorder despite the 453 gram mail ban) just for being so fucking awesome.

My reaction during and after the music video scene.

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