[Komidol] Ore no Imouto 08 [Orange Farm Archive]

Another new opening, another Ore no Imo post.

I was less than enthusiastic about this weeks episode over last weeks Ima Sekai yuri mo (*KIRA*).  We’re pretty serious business this time.

It seems like there was some amount of unannounced time skip, since last episode we were discussing “the possibilities of a novel” and this week jump into “the novels becoming an anime.”  I don’t mind this sort of fast-pace in my more slice of life shows, advances over boring things are a decent director decision – but unlike probably everyone watching this show except me, I don’t know how much of the manga/novel they’re skipping in the process.  Either way, it seems the anime is coming together pretty well.

Changing main gender leads in production?  SURE IS TYPE MOON IN HERE!

What a fucking tool this guy is, huh?  Got the turtleneck and everything.  It’s obvious your deep, in-depth, analysis into creating your high end works just doesn’t match up to the raw power a middle school girl has for imoutos.  Nothing more than an older bitter male Kuroneko (as she mentioned herself).  How does this make you Kuroneko fanboys feel?  You are in love with the goth-loli version of this man.  inb4 retaliations that Kuroneko becomes main female lead.

More Kyousuke being a bro all day everyday.  No one can hope to reach the sheer levels of bro this man has.  Though, is that plot point alone really enough to pull this series through these last few episodes?  I’m not stale with Ore no Imo yet but I think this one really shoved a lot of story at me pretty rough.  For the record, I’m still not feeling any malice towards Kirino like the anime wants me to (through portrayal).  Though, I will agree with Kyousuke; she is extremely lucky – to have both a good brother like him and to hit so much good fortune early in her life (which she needs to acknowledge more, even if her good fortune isn’t readily apparent before her).  Regardless, still needs more Ima sekai yurimo (*KIRA*).

I’ll probably finish it no matter which turn it takes though.  Instead of spiting Kirino like Kuroneko fans might, I’ll just be happy for her.  Didn’t particularly want this dose of serious business bro-hood and friendship drama at the end of my week.


5 Responses to “[Komidol] Ore no Imouto 08 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. November 24, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    I don’t enjoy getting into these ridiculous character vs. character wars, and have trouble hating characters and end up liking weird ones. I don’t get what everyone has against Kirino. All they ever do is call her a bitch and stuff, but like, here I am trying not to let my “personal preferences” get in the way of my evaluation of a character. In that, I disagree that the anime wants you to hate her; I haven’t seen anything to support that argument.

    Also, the timeskip kinda jarred me too because I didn’t realize it right away… I’m all for advancing the plot, but at least give us a warning first, you know? Or pick a better time for it.

  2. 2 komidol
    November 24, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    I felt the time skip was unexpected but not abrupt. It keeps the viewer paying attention.

    Anyway, Darkslime – please consider this when you think about how the anime might seem to be pushing character in favor or another. There’s a reason people are calling Kirino a bitch – and it’s all about the portrayal of the character.

    Kirino is blessed with extreme luck. She works hard for her good grades, but there is a large variety of things that just factor her way for no good reason. She was blessed with good enough looks to become a model. This gave her a large amount of income at a young age.

    So she has work experience, and good grades – which can pull you through a lot in this world in your younger days. On top of this though, she has the support of her family. Especially her brother, who she never bothered to cultivate a relationship with, and of her friends who accept her habbits.

    On top of all this she takes what she loves and writes a book that gets published, and even turned into an anime. Even when live was about to knock her down, her brother stood in and took the hit in her place.

    Kirino is in short, extremely lucky. Everything goes her way. On top of all that, she shows very little appreciation for her brother – whom the viewer knows he knows works so hard for. In response, Kirino treats him rather brashly. Kyousuke is always breaking his back for Kirino and didn’t give him much more than a respective “Aniki”. And why would she? She doesn’t know much of what he does for her – but the anime doesn’t focus on that. It focuses on her being demanding of her brother. I think the anime wants to drive a dislike of her into you, by all means.

    In contrast, this would infuriate Kuroneko (and her fans who logically understand her position) who worked hard and more diligently with a passion at writing. Kuroneko is a pessimist (or a realist, as these people like to call themselves), and expects things to not always go her way. So she works hard to compensate, but just didn’t hit the same opportunities. It’s also revealed while her family doesn’t seem to “care” about her habbits, she has no siblings to back her up. From Kuroneko’s point of view, this is disgusting. She doesn’t see the dedication behind the character design (and of course, there is in general less than her preference) for moe-anime. She’s also extremely methodical – “Why do I have to do this, why do I have to do that? What’s the point in me even hanging out with you?”. Typical independent-oriented questions from (what I believe to be) an only child, rather than trusting in her friends that something they want to do might be something they like too.

    I like the design of both characters, but that attitude Kuroneko gives everyone is something I can’t stand. Is it intelligent? Yes. Is it mature? Yup. Is it fun? Not really. I have a love-hate relationship with people who share in this attitude. I take things for what they are, enjoy entertainment for wherever my preferences fall. I don’t need any “legitmacy” or “depth” to enjoy something (though I often enjoy well constructed stories). For some people, who know what hard work really is about – it’s a requirement. They want to see a big universe and a lot of work behind their entertainment because they know the work someone put into it also. For people like Kirino (or myself), we could care less.

    Who cares about the guy who put 60 hours behind that youtube video about whatever indepth story analysis that was only two minutes with insane transitions and effects? Don’t care if I don’t like it. I have done stuff like this myself, and don’t expect anyone to appreciate it or like it if they don’t find it interesting.

    Don’t get me wrong, I often understand the “other side” of many arguments I may not blog about, but what makes subjectivity and preference is my “value” into those opinions. Which isn’t very high for someone like Kuroneko who is completely independent-focused and can’t loosen up to have a little bit of fun. Given, she gives a good contrast for the story and is completely necessary – which makes her a good character – but I’m not a fan. I enjoy seeing the communities response in these sort of “take sides”-anime, since through argument we get to see the best and worst of what people perceive about both characters. It’s fun. It’s part of why I blog.

    My thoughts on Kuroneko…atleast she’s got good values and morals. She’s Kirino’s friend for a reason. I can think of a number of people I know that are Kuronekoish, while I consider myself more Kirino aligned (without the luck).

    And as a side note, I think Ore no Imo is popular because it does strike home so hard for a lot anime fans (especially with actually animating otaku position against the stereotypes of the anime industry!). Now it’s less of a “how much do you like that character and why” and more “who are you like and why” – which is why it drives a big controversy. But that particular topic in addition to the Eroge/Anime Industry response to will be saved for another post I have planned.

  3. 3 Fattierob
    November 24, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    I just wanted to point out the irony of what you just posted, komidol, and this gem from the post:

    “What a fucking tool this guy is, huh? Got the turtleneck and everything. ”

    Otherwise, I might actually add this show to my queue of animes to watch. Tetsuya and Legend of the galactic heroes and original gundam and Evangelion 2.0 and –

    I have too many DEEP animes, I need something light hearted to watch.

  4. November 24, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    >>It focuses on her being demanding of her brother. I think the anime wants to drive a dislike of her into you, by all means.

    No. IMO, the story wants to focus on Kirino, and possibly other characters, growing up.

    What circumstances that happens in doesn’t particularly matter. She’s the main character. And guess what? Even if she wasn’t the main character, and her big brother was, what is the problem with having a main character who acted as the agent for changing all those around him rather than himself? I honestly have not seen a story with a hero like that in a very long time. There was a term for that character archetype and I cannot remember it…

    Also, I still think it was kind of abrupt. It was “look I’m making a book about imoutos”, and then suddenly “oh yeah, btw i’m currently negotiating for the anime adaptation”. All they needed was three or four minutes to connect these and it would have been fine.

  5. 5 komidol
    November 24, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    Kyousuke is the main character of Ore no Imouto. This is shown by the neighborhood girl-story side story (but also becomes obvious later in the novels from what I’ve been told). I don’t think it’s a matter of “growing up” (obviously this will always be a factor in anime about highschool kids or younger) – but consider this: Even if they were all “grown up” their problems or the story wouldn’t be “solved”. The relationships would still have trouble. The anime definitely doesn’t go out of it’s way to cast Kirino in a “good light” either, if you want to turn the chessboard around.

    Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love Kirino. I think her reactions/intentions are very natural and I find very little to blame her with. However, others definitely don’t see it the same way.

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