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Just when I thought this show could not parody more things, it outdoes it self.  In the last two episodes, alone, Gainax just keeps outdoing themselves.  In any case, I love how this show does its parodies.  The directors either really have a hard-on for western cartoons, or they did their homework.  Boy was I wrong…

Panty and Stocking seems to up itself every week.  It keeps getting more and more over the top.  Episode two saw a large part of the cast from TTGL in the background, the recurring character of Briefs, who is obviously a Ghostbuster, and the TTGL logo has been in at least two episodes.  Even with the art itself being like PowerPuff Girls, the trio is magical girls makes an appearance in again, the second episode.  Some other things you think will never get parodied in an anime make appearances here, something similar to Equilibrium’s Christian Bale gun-kata serving as Noel Vermillion’s moveset, although I’d define that as more of a tribute.  Episode six was a large piece out of the budget, with the epic bathroom battle vs Scanty and Kneesocks, complete with its alternate transformation scene.  I’ll talk more about the episodes later, but first here are the two most recent episodes.

I wonder how much of the budget went into this scene?

Last week featured a Transformers parody, aptly named Transwhoremers.  Designs are obviously different, but you knew exactly what it was from the half’s title.  Your major players, Prime and Megatron do make appearances, but let’s face it, this is largely lost in the rest of the half because it parodies some of the memorable battles, as well as the Rave Robot scene.  A favorite is the transformation scene (FLY AWAY NOW).  The second half devotes itself to Vegas.  This episode isn’t epic in terms of parody nor epic animation, but anything in Vegas is bound to be entertaining.  Slots and roulette strip gambling?  Hot stuff.  The ghost?  The pyramid on the back of the American dollar.

I wonder how they came up with this idea…

Starting things off this week was the Zombie short.  I presumed it would be a High School of the Dead parody, but it wasn’t.  It was not until about halfway through it that I realized I was actually looking at the Living Dead series.  Props to Gainax for almost getting it by me.  It took the basic premise of Living Dead, but I did not understand what it’s purpose for being in the show was for, other than just to appease the staff by letting them do what they want to do, because at the end of the short, nothing was accomplished, and no heaven coins were obtained, nor ghosts were defeated.

My face at this scene was uncontrollable laughter.

The second half involving the courtscene was a riot of laughter for me.  The fact that they parody celebrity name Tom Cruise did me in at first.  Then with Mr. Abrams the monkey lawyer, and I knew I had some My Cousin Vinnie shit about to go down.  I got it in a way I never expected, that being the monkey becoming a Phoenix Wright who looks loosely like Lupin III.  If that wasn’t enough, the character designs for the two ghosts were clearly Ren&Stimpy.  The courtroom itself is a gameshow about executing criminals, as odd as this sounds, it plays out well when you realize that Scanty and Kneesocks have framed Panty and Stocking.

Another interesting thing to note is that each half parodies a different show.  The title parody is not always a western show; some are Eastern titles native to Japan.  Not all the episodes are about the title.  Many of them just parody the title with a few references thrown in during the respective short.  A few I had to look up because I wasn’t sure what they were, so I’ll run the list here.

  • Excretion Without Honor and Humanity (Battles Without Honor and Humanity)
  • Death Race 2010 (Death Race)
  • The Buzz of the Beehive (The Spirit of the Beehive)
  • Sex and the Daten City (Sex and the City)
  • Catfight Club (Fight Club)
  • Pulp Addiction (Pulp Fiction)
  • The Diet Syndrome (The China Syndrome)
  • High School Nudical (High School Musical)
  • The Runny (The Mummy)
  • Vomiting Point (Vanishing Point)
  • Les Diaboliques (Les Diaboliques)
  • Transwhoremers (Transformers)
  • The Stripping (The Killing)
  • …of the Dead (Living Dead Titles)
  • 1 Angry Ghost (12 Angry Men)

Getting back on track with going over the show, I was intrigued as to how they came up with the idea for this show.  It obviously deals in a lot of sexual and bathroom humor, amongst other crude hilarities.  Now, I understand that crude humor does not appeal to everybody, and I understand that nothing will appease everybody, but looking back at Gainax’s past works, specifically TTGL, while TTGL was over the top, it did not deal in this sort of humor too much.  It used other forms of lolwut ideas to make you laugh and blow your mind.  So what caused them to go the humor and parody of (mainly) western media?  I actually facepalmed at the answer before going HAHAHA OH WOW.

THEY WERE DRUNK ON VACATION AFTER AIRING TTGL AND JUST WROTE A SCRIPT ON THE SPOT.  They basically got drunk off their asses and said “Next time we should do this,” and the ideas just flowed from there.  The director himself said “The theme is vulgar and indecent jokes, and we are doing this thoroughly.”  For a second, I had to make sure I wasn’t reading up on SHAFT, because this sounds like something they would do, not Gainax.  However, I must give Gainax props to actually sticking to their guns and presenting, and actually green-lighting the production on it.  Sure there are other vulgar stories.  Sora no Otoshimono immediately comes to mind, and I love the shit out of that show.  But Sora no Otoshimono had a source material to go off of, Panty and Stocking did not.  Whether Panty and Stocking stays episodic, only time will tell, but for the time being, it ranks as one of this season’s most original shows, and if you are into crude humor, one of the most entertaining shows currently airing.


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