[drmchsr0]Surprise Fr- MOGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [Orange Farm Archive]

No, I’m not going to put a less relevant pic in. That’s the logo, btw.

…I’ve been waiting for this.

NO, this isn’t an excuse to post girls in headphones.

In the alledgedly dark depths of Akihabara, where the porn supposedly runs rife and the otaku gather in large droves to terrorize the decent folks of Japan with their nerdiness and attraction to mere scratchings on paper… … …

In a certain disused side street where the hopes and dreams of the past generation of nerds used to live at, lies a fresh, new sign. It”s neon glow and “new-sign” smell points to a worn, but clean, stairway, it’s doorway leading to… … …

A chiropractor’s office. The front desk staff look at you all weird. Night club? No, this isn’t a night club where the nerds gather, she says. You drag her outside and point to the sign. You notice her face makes one of those looks, the one your mom used to make when you weren’t eating your vegetables.

Come back in the evening, she says, her voice a testament to the human spirit of trying to sound nice while hiding the sheer embarrassment and mild disgust of having found out their dirty little secret. You make a mental note of the place.

D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (sacha, pixiv)

You return to the place at a much more suitable time, going by what it said on the sign. The surroundings seem much darker, the entrance you saw much earlier becoming a lot more mysterious. As you come closer, you hear the faint sounds of what seems to be… … … Hatsune Miku singing?

Intrigued, you step up to the door, opening it. Your ears did not lie, it was indeed Hatsune Miku singing. But the music now changes. It’s… … … that song from that Touhou game you just played! But it’s a little different, something’s different! You want to enter, but are stopped by the bouncer at the door, who points to a poster.

Feeling a little sheepish, you pull out your wallet and fork out the entrance fee. What you see puts a smile on your face.


It’s… … … completely different. There’s a small bar, people are milling about, grooving to the music. Your head swims, and you head for the bar. A drink would probably be the best thing to clear your head.

Drink in hand and mind properly refreshed, you take another look. The chiropractor’s office is gone, replaced by a very tiny nightclub blaring out music you recognize. You stay for what seems to be until closing time, when the patrons are all filing out and what’s left are the cleaners.

As you head out, you are handed a brochure, detailing the week’s schedule. You take a look and smile.

You’d come back again to see what they hype really is all about.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3 (saya26 :3c, website , pixiv)

Okay, so you probably did NOT find out about Mogra like that. Most likely you’d have heard about it from a mutual friend, or that crazy guy on Twitter screaming in English about it (That was me). Or maybe you’ve heard about it from that one webcomic. Or read about it in that one blog post.

Wherever you’ve heard of it, well, what I said about the place above is entirely true. Mogra is a chiropractor’s office as well as a nightclub. No I am not kidding. I think it involves TIMESHARES. Yes, it’s located at Akihabara (though probably not in a disused side alley) and YES, there’s a sign pointing to the place right in front of it.

Mogra regularly streams on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (or Thursdays to Saturdays for the US) at around 2300 GMT+9 (or about noon in the US). (They open from Tuesdays to Sundays, sometimes on Mondays.) The music played is a gamut of genres, from Trance, to the various subgenres of electronica, to anisong, to, well, it’s a surprise.

Some of their highlights:

  • Anisong Matrix, on every first Saturday of the month. Features… … … Anisong. Sometimes Touhou, and there’s a bunch of Vocaloid as well.
  • Anisong Index, on… … … every third Saturday of the month. Again, mostly anisong.
  • Free Spaces, on every Third Friday of the Month. Music genres vary.
  • elemog, on every last Friday of the month. Features electronica of all kinds.
  • Tokyo Hardcore – public of  hardcore, on every second week. Happens bi-monthly.

YAY CHIBI MIKU (minami, website, pixiv)

…And the best thing is that they operate a live stream of the whole thing. Which I have mentioned. And conveniently forgot about the link. Which is now revealed to you here.

It’s a great place, and the owners are friendly. So… I’m not too sure why you don’t want to go.

See you next week!


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