[drmchsr0]AFA X… … … Or how I lost my voice again. [Orange Farm Archive]

I think that’s a Stark Jegan in her hand. (artist is sirills, apparent Chinese/Taiwanese/From Hong Kong)

…I guess this was probably the best way to overtax my voice modules: Screaming like a madman and rocking out for over 3 hours.Sadly, I went in a bit too late to do nothing but take a quick look at the Festival proper. As usual, there was the usual assortment of stores, ODEX trying to tell people they are still a part of the community (lol), the Joysound stand hopefully becoming a staple of AFA…

Okay, I admit, I didn’t really get to take a look at everything. I had a prior engagement. And on Sunday I had another place to be. I’m just glad the staples were in place.

Oh, and yes, meeting JAM PROJECT and Kanazawa Hana was just as I expected. Funnily enough, Danny Choo was a much better emcee than what we usually get.

…And the concert was GLORIOUS. JAM PROJECT and Ichiro Mizuki put out a most stunning concert, with a most glorious JAM PROJECT REUNION collaboration on stage. I don’t exactly remember what they sang (I was running on adrenaline and sugar by then) but they didn’t sing Asu e no Hokou nor JAM ga Mottekke. Mild disappointment there, but hearing YUUSHA OH TANJOU live made it all worth it.

…Sadly I don’t think everyone rocked out when The King of Anisong took the stage, at least not until he went into the super robot songs. I think I was the only one there rocking out throughout. (This needs correction!)

No, I wish I could catch angela live on stage (though I bet a lot of people were pleased to hear SCANDAL live, like I did with JAM Project).

Yes, I love this con a bit too much. I think I’ll return next year. Now where’s the suggestion box. I have SUGGESTIONS to make.

Also, a couple of hilarious things most people should already know that was revealed at AFA:


1 Response to “[drmchsr0]AFA X… … … Or how I lost my voice again. [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. November 15, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Awesome! Sounds like a great time. JAM Project came to America for Otakon once, but I missed it. :( Though I don’t think Mizuki Ichirou there… lucky ;-;

    Also, that’s a Jegan, not a Stark Jegan. I can say that because I have a Stark Jegan model kit sitting right next to me. The picture’s a parody on My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (it says My Sanae Can’t Be This Into Robots)

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