[DesuFag] A Certain Magical Index [Orange Farm Archive]

Episode five marked the end of the first arc of Index S2.  When Science and Magic cross, this blog begins.

The opening arc follows a conflict between churches over a nun who claims to have the translation to an undecipherable book.  Naturally, a war of nuns and magic goes down, this time between the Anglican and Roman churches, with the Amakusas acting as a third party of sorts.  Ears get stabbed, spells get cast, nuns get kidnapped, Index gets seen naked, all sorts of fun stuff, really.  But lets break things down, shall we?


On the heels of a short story about a guy casting curses, which may have been a lead-in to this arc, or one to be seen down the line, the Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law) arc seems to be a typical second season arc.  The storytelling isn’t too extravagant, the action isn’t too on the edge of your seat, and the villains aren’t too evil.  Speaking of villains, the portrayal of Rie Kugimiya as the main villain, with my fanboyism for Rie aside, was very impressive.  Normally she gets portrayed as the short, DFC tsundere heroine, who loves the phrase “Baka Inu”.  That is most definitely not the case here.  Yes, she is still short (she wears platforms to make herself taller), and yes, she’s still flat as a board, but there are no jokes about height or breast stature here.  For her first appearance as an antagonist, I think she does quite well, creating an entirely different personality altogether for this character, one that can get quite sadistic.  As a two-faced nun, she had both sides down pat, likely due to her tsundere roles of past and present (she is also one of the main girls of Samurai Girls this season, as the DFC tsundere, for her second of known roles this season).  Props to JC Staff for stepping outside of the comfort zone for first arc antagonists.

Insane Rie Kugimiya.  Do Want.

As for our hero, Touma, he was a little lack luster.  I felt that he was not the same from his original Index self.  Going back to my favorite battle of the first season, which was Izzard v Touma, I thought that Touma was one of the most trollworthy MCs of the running shows that season.  His “my arm is cut off and still turns into a Dragon to fuck up your day” final move still ranks as on of my greatest hero-to-villain mindfucks.  Here, he doesn’t do much of anything to stand up to his name of “Trollma”.  In the fight with the Rie, he was bouncing around like a fucking pinball game, complete with the DING DING DING DING DING sound effects, until he finally evades a blow, and lands an Imagine Breaker punch.  Bring back Trollma, and we have a good show on our hands once more.  If what I’ve read in the series is true, he should return soon.


However, two thing still continues to keep me coming back to Index, even when Accelerator is going ability hax crazy, even when Misaka isn’t Railgunning everything, even when Last Order isn’t on screen being adorable to point of making your heart explode.  And that’s reason #2, Tsuchimikado, a total fucking bro, and a troll worthy of being second to Trollma.  He does not get much screen time or interaction in this arc, but he knows enough and has enough interaction with reason #1, Kanzaki Kaori, to make things either very interesting or very humorous.  As for Kanzaki, she’s hot, carries a sword (I’m noting a trend here, giving a girl a sword makes them a favorite, hrmm I sense a future post on this topic), and can be adorable and heartwarming at times, as seen in the hospital scene at the end of the arc.

Tits? Check. Sword? Check. Badass pose?  Check.

As for the scene early on with the Knights of England, I was obviously rooting for Kanzaki to beat some ass, but also in that this leads into a some later conflicts since Kanzaki’s faction and the Knights of England don’t really get along with each other.  Saying too much may be spoilers here, however.

I’d let her beat my ass…as long as I get her bandage treatment afterward… :)

As for the preview, it looks like the Railgun crew gets a quick arc, and the adorable last order makes a reappearance, apparently.  When Science and Magic cross, the adventure begins!  FUKOU DA!


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