[Komidol] Yosuga no Sora 05 (Akira Appreciation) [Orange Farm Archive]

Akira route~! (NC-17 rated post~)

I haven’t liked a character as much as Akira for a long time.  If morning-back-massages were not enough, we’re treated to more than a little extra special delight this episode.  Sure, we Amagami reboot but who really cared about that other girl anyway.  (Also, before someone brings it up – this is not the ever-popular-termed Higurashi reboot.  Why?  Because every event in Higurashi actually happened in iteration – Yosuga and Amagami literally restart from a certain point.

So I’ve always been a sucker for energetic girls, there’s no way I can pull that one past you guys.  The main attraction I have to this character is that she has fun.  Making life more playful in just your movements and everyday actions is very important.  It makes people feel easy going, and makes yourself more supportive to those around you.  Whenever Akira is being herself it’s pretty much good times.  Whether it be skipping along, taking interest in what you say, maybe even humming (if you have a good voice) – all of these things just flip on relax mode for me.

And honesty has a huge a part in this.  Generally a simple pursuit of fun, lack of shame, and easy going honest environment is what I find most comfortable in a relationship.  Unfortunately, that easy going environment in reality is often mistaken as either stupidity, ignorance, or an “act”.  That assumption is polar opposite to my desire to see a tad bit of modesty – what I think so many girls lack today.

Let”s be real (get it – real?) here.  Everyone has a locked up emotion, memory, state or feeling they would feel uncomfortable if others knew about.  Having those close to you be aware of that is something that happens naturally overtime.  Now it’s not like we haven’t seen the Akira archetype before.  I think the biggest misconception about these characters is that they are immature or out of phase with reality.  I don’t think that’s further from the truth.  In the last route (I believe episode 4), Akira plainly explains the entire situation to our protagonist letting him know she was aware of the whole situation with her illegitimate birth very calmly and plainly.  She even goes as far as to tell him he shouldn’t be talking to her, and instead loving her sister (despite the fact we all know she likes him quite a bit.)  In fact, that calm attitude is what scares him the most.  I love seeing these situations play out because it sheds the “I’m just doing whatever, having fun everyday, not letting anything bother me” – persona and lets those close to you know you understand your priorities, position, and you’re not just ballin’ out of control without a clue as to what happens to you each day.  At the same time, upkeep of that daily fun is very important (probably the most important thing (even if it’s a bit superficial) for Akira.  That strong will, motivation, and desire to have fun is one of the most important aspects of modern life to me.  Things can be as fun or interesting as you decide they are; Haruhi taught me that.

I believe one of the more challenging things Akira has to deal with also is why Haru cares about her so much.  Even if we throw this off to “It’s the Akira route”, the choices in the game, or “standard male protagonist proclamation #11475” lets look at how Akira would react to anyone liking her.  She lives mostly alone, having to find fun in her own ways for the majority of each day.  Her father has to secretly split his love between his legitimate and illegitimate daughter (who she doesn’t live with).  Her step mother is the biggest bitch ever.  Her older sister is boggled with responsibilities Akira probably wishes she could share in, but isn’t allowed to.

Tell me you all had memories of Kanon and freaked out when she fell out of that tree in the flash back.

From Akira’s perspective, she’s just spent her whole life as a shrine miko (equivalent to it’s caretaker, or let’s be more brutal – a janitor) at a temple and probably an above average student at best.  She doesn’t really have many people she can confine in, and grew independent from her family because of the complicated issues she presented to it’s social structure.  From Akira’s point of view there’s no reason for someone to love her.  She’s not so unwise or unintelligent to assume that she herself is a problem, but understands in her position that she has to deal with a lot of her problems herself without having to rely on anyone throughout her life.  That’s a strong girl.  It’s that sense of capability, personal responsibility, genuine pursuit of happiness, and supportive good nature that I like way too much.

For what it’s worth, Akira is pretty close to the “perfect girl” in my book.  She has honest emotions and situations she wouldn’t mind sharing with those close to her, but also goes out of her way to not bog others down with that and make each day a little bit more interesting.  These days, people let their lives get boring pretty quick.  I think everyone has a control over their own perception and choices that could lead to a “boring” life or an “interesting” life.  I see this especially amongst people in my age group (those graduating college, having kids, and getting jobs for the first time – allowing their responsibilities to dominate their mental state).  I understand priorities, but that overbearing mindset would never allow me to get what I want out of my day when I wake up.   To spend everyday with someone like Akira is something dreamable.

For the record let’s not forget the last girl with amber eyes, who used a broom like a sword, wore traditional Japanese clothing, and said “dash-u” when she ran I married.  Maybe I just see too much Kohaku in Akira.

Yeah, that’s definitely it.

9 Responses to “[Komidol] Yosuga no Sora 05 (Akira Appreciation) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Fattierob
    November 5, 2010 at 11:06 AM


  2. 2 komidol
    November 5, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    I hate you.

  3. 3 Fattierob
    November 5, 2010 at 5:15 PM



  4. 4 komidol
    November 5, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    You will never find true love sadfrog.jpg

  5. 5 十三号君
    November 5, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    . . . .

    [ http://imageftw.com/uploads/20101018/1276642379380.gif ]

    And 十三号君 quote… Again…

    ” Maybe I just see too much Kohaku in Akira. ”

    Yep… [ http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/1822/dancingwr.gif ] RESEMBLANCE is truly the troubling issue here…
    But gil-sama — ehrr… I mean, komidol-dono… 十三号君 hope’s that things don’t lead to ” INFIDELITY ” and the like… ~Ne

    [ http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/6660/harem2.jpg ]

    …. [ http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/3969/006xz.jpg ] It’d be somewhat sad… [ http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/9935/007bs.jpg ]

    [ http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/5638/kon266197147.jpg ]

    Well anyways… [ http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/4821/1105574900720bp6.jpg ] ;d

    Spoiler ALERT!! Do not read any further if thou not desire…
    [ http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q200/deadapult/chibimiku.gif ] Read at your own risks…


    Akira & Kazuha were born on the day… Perhaps hours apart. But still within the bundaries of a day… Whatever their father ” DID ” back then…
    十三号君 commends him… It’s not an easy task to get to such an ” EVENT ” w/two maidens where one having no idea that there’s another, in two different locations… in a single day… and/or night… Assuming everything occurred within 24 hours…
    Other factors would contradict 十三号君 ‘s statement… But would only prolong this if 十三号君 goes into detail…~Ne

    . . . .

  6. November 5, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    Miko sex miko sex it’s awwwwwright?


  7. 7 komidol
    November 6, 2010 at 6:47 AM

    I gotta admit I like me some Mikos.

  8. 8 komidol
    November 7, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Never change 十三号君

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