[DesuFag] Anime, Games, Cosplayers, Oh My [Orange Farm Archive]

My weekend was spent at Youmacon, and let me tell you, I had a fucking blast.


I arrived on Friday at noon at Mariott, checked into my hotel, and then headed straight across the walkway to the covention center.  Upon entering the Renaissance Center, and going up one escalator, I feasted my eyes on a heavenly sight.  Three floors of nothing but anime, manga, games, and merchandise. “Holy shit, my body is not ready,” I thought to myself as I got in the registration line.  As long as the wait was, (three hours in my case; although at its peak, five hours), I met some cool people in line.  Ghost (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,), Tira (Soul Calibur 3 and 4) and a certain Dollar carrying a cardboard Holo (inb4 post edits), not to mention a dad, his two daughters, a Borderlands player, and Darth Vader and some Stormstroopers.  I spoke to all of these people as the line snaked around, and also made a few phone calls to my friends saying I wouldn’t make it to Saturday’s LAN party.  We discussed what anime we grew up on, and amazingly, one person came from France, and he told us all about the anime culture over there, and I was very impressed by some of the things there.  Overall, the line wait didn’t seem that long because of the conversations.  There were a few Caramelldansen, and other in-line entertainment dances that went on too.

After I checked in and received my card with “Desu~” emblazoned on it, the first thing I did was…hit the dealer room.  I picked up some Fate Doujins (Fate Fire with Fire, Another Take, Riot Faker, for those of you who care to know), Touhou 10.5 and 12.3, and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, easily my favorite Touhou game.  I returned my wares to the room and hit the artist floor, and took a browse through the gallery.  Nothing to my liking here, though.  So into the lobby I went.  On my way, I met a very well done Valkyria Chronicles cosplay, so I stopped and did a photo op, and spent some time speaking with the gentleman about VC, what we liked, and hopes for future games, among favorite characters.

I finally made it to the lobby some time after I had initially intended to head there, but I finally arrived.  There were a lot of photo ops going on here, but I was headed someplace else.  TO THE MAID CAFE.  I’ll admit that I do have a fondness for maids, so getting free food by fine ladies dressed as maids?  Shit, son, sign me up.  I must say, I came at a good time, because no waiting gave me a table that I sat at for the next two hours, talking to people at nearby booths, and eventually meeting up with some friends.  The maids were very nice (and very nice looking, might I add), and the brownies were fucking GODLY.  In a twist of fate, a GOOD Suiseiseki cosplayer and her family sat down in one of the booths next to mine, so I started up a conversation with them, talking about what else?  Dolljoints and Boatlights.

Before I knew it, it was time to head off to the PokeMon panel, so grab my DS and PokeMon Soul Silver, and off I went.  Singing the first themesong, talking about our favorite PokeMon, our favorite gym battles.  And just being around some general PokeManiacs was fun.   Some Friends codes were exchanged, and some trades went down, as did a few battles.  It was easily the highlight of that day.

Once that panel was over, I took some time and headed over to the Karaoke contest, and listened to some top-tier singing.  I joked that the Haruhi cosplayer would win simply because she willed it.  Sure enough, she won, and a Yuki Nagato came in second.  My favorite song was easily Katayoku no Tori, which was sung in the opening rounds.  After that, I headed to the Shoujo-Ai and Yuri panels, and sat with some jokers, and my goodness, we had a blast.  Quipping one-liners, laughing at bad yuri dubs, oh lawdy, fun times were had.  It was a good end to my first night.


I woke up at 8AM and killed time for almost two hours, at a Fruits Basket panel, one of my favorite shoujo, before heading over to the morning’s main event, the Blazblue tourney.  This would be the first time in two months I’d play the game, so I wasn’t expecting any spectacular results, so naturally, I was destroyed, but I did pick up some tips later from one of the other Noel mains there, so I did gain some experience out of it.  Not to mention, I cheered along with the crowd at some good matches.  And I must say, Tagers are fucking beastly.

After an uneventful InuYasha and a Nobuyuki Anzai panel trips, the “Who would win in a Fight?” panel brought some good laughs and a few good trolls.  They opened the floor to suggestions, and I could help but mutter “Flash vs Accelerator” under my breath.   But the real fun came in the next panel, the Code Geass panel.  All limits were off, and CODE GEASS CODE GEASS CODE GEASS just took over my brain.  An hour of FABULOUS fun followed, talking about the Nightmares, characters, some Trivia, and just plain good old Code Geass memes and humor.

For four straight hours, I stayed in the room as the Type Moon panel followed.  I hoped to stay for some FSN discussion (still reading Tsukihime VN), but somebody snuck a Melty Blood system in, and the whole panel kind of fell apart.  The only thing I learned was how to play Melty, since I had never touched it before, and the only thing I got out of it during MOLOTOV COCKTAILS AND CACTUS was how fun Neko Arc Lasers are.  Fucking hilarious, and I discovered it on accident, (Lol Random Character).  So it was quick discussion, followed by challengers.  It could have been a better panel in my opinion.

I took a break and headed to the game room for some CoDMW2, and when it closed, I headed to a Final Fantasy panel  then later, a hentai panel, and a bondage panel.  I met my joker buddies, and let the hilarity begin with mocking of bad dubs.  I swear, I better see these guys next year, because they could get the whole room laughing.  The bondage panel was very educational, as it gave a hand-on workshop.  Tying people up/getting tied up?  I’ll take lessons, please.  I swear there was a guy who had Felix’s magic bag of tricks.  He had tons of shit in this bag; ropes, back massagers, etc.  The entire room loved this guy.   I couldn’t stay too long, though, because I started to doze off, having used too much energy laughing my ass of in the two panels before.


I woke up at 8 again, and killed five hours in the dealer room (I learned that Rozen Maiden merchandise had arrived), the gaming room (DoA, CoD, BB), and finally, the main event.  CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES.  That’s right.  Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged series creator had a panel in the main hall.  it was the biggest turnout to a panel so far.  And what a blast it was.  I don’t know how many of you watch LittleKuriboh’s stuff, but the man in person is a great guy.  He has such a good sense of parody, and all of his co-staff is fun to talk to.  Watching YGOTAS with the other con goers made my afternoon.  Tears, laughter, singing.  You truly had to be there to experience it all.

My final panel was the Touhou panel, held by NicoSpark (I probably got that name spelled wrong, but I am fairly new to Touhouverse).  All the Touhou faithful were in the room, and all things Touhou were discussed.  We even set up 10.5 and watched some of the fan videos (Bad Apple and Memory of Phantasm).  This panel wasn’t for me, as I knew a lot of this stuff already, but I did bring my friends to it, who have never played the series before.  So they learned a lot of the Touhouverse, and I got to talk and learn Touhou with some very cool and knowledgeable people.

In closing, I had a fucking blast.  11/10, would attend again.


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