[DesuFag] PUT YO GUNS ON! [Orange Farm Archive]

Oh lawdy, after last week’s lucha libre episode with the one of the manliest deaths ever, this episode was going to be a hard one to top, and top it it does, in fucking awesome fashion.  Parody of Sengoku Basara.  MY GUNS WERE ON!

I cannot deny that parody works rank as one of the best ways to entertain me.  Taking another concept, and making a joke on it is just something I find hilarious.  So when SENGOKU BASARA parodies started appearing in a little under three minutes after starting the episode, I knew I had some high quality entertainment that was about to go down.

The moment this appeared on the screen, this episode could only get more awesome

And go down it did.  From the costumes to the cries of OYAKATA-SAMA, this episode had me on the edge of my seat.  A large portion of the episode is devoted to a snowball fight of epic proportions that appears to be somewhat loosely based on a real battle from Nobunaga’s era.  Speaking of that, get me one of these guns that shoots snowballs, seriously.  And who the hell brings spears to a snowball fight?  And how about that president abandoning the battle to go find an onsen?  Or about Snowhara monster?


As always, the thing I like about this show is that it is not afraid to pull the most random, off-the-wall ideas out of its ass and use them.  You can never guess what is going to happen next.  You really can’t.  You can be 100% certain that something is going to happen, but out of left field comes the wrench, usually in the form of some sort of hilarious mishap or card malfunction, or when you expect it, it doesn’t come.  Take episode three, for example.  In the final battle, you are damn near 100% certain that the president is going to win vs Tomoki, but he pulls some oil out if his pants and foils her death grip, and removes her top, resulting in a Tomoki win.  VIVA LA MASK DUPANTS.

Manly Tears ;_;

On a side note, the angeloid Nypmh has come a long way from her original bitchy self.  I still don’t particularly care for her character, but she seems to have mellowed a lot since her original appearance in season one.  She seems to be the only character who has gotten a permanent form of devolpment, because Icaros, Sohara, the President, Sugata, and Tomoki act in a large part, the same way they did from their introduction.  Another thing I notice is that Tomoki says he prefers peace and quiet, but he’s at the forefront of everything that goes against that policy, such as spying, and making a ruckus with his antics.  Eh, plot holes are overrated, just keep the hilarity coming, please.


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