[DesuFag] Baiting the Trap [Orange Farm Archive]

Time to start the war.  Let’s ride!

Subs could not come fast enough after watching the raw for this show.  Given the choice of Black Lagoon, Milky Holmes, OreImo, or Yakumo on Sunday, I went straight for Black Lagoon, and I was not disappointed.  Not to say that none of the other three are not as good; they all have their merits, but this is Roberta’s El Baile de Muerte, my favorite arc of the series.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  With that, lets get down to the city of sin and cover the story so far.


Building  the plot until the string of showdowns that begin sometime in the next episode when Roberta finally goes on the rampage, this episode focuses solely on finding her, and when that fails, Rock hatches a plan.  And holy shit what a plan it is, one worthy of the Rip-off Church’s Eda.  In the span of one night, he realizes that he can’t track Roberta, but with Hotel Moscow and the Hong Kong Triad on her tail, a huge shitstorm is about to go down.  By baiting some traps and playing his cards right, he’s going to weave a trail of misinformation and deceit that would make Light Yagami’s head spin.

You see, he knows the Americans are in town, and that Roberta is hunting them.  For those of you who watched the anime, you should know by now that the first time Roberta was in town, she blew up some shit, totaled a few cars in some chases, and beat the living hell out of Revy.  Twice.  Not only that, she got Hotel Moscow involved.  Coming back to the present, we have the Colombian cartel on Hotel Moscow’s ass, and Balalaika wanting to have a showdown with the US Army in town, with Chang trying desperately to keep tabs on them both before things escalate out of hand.   But they all first need to have taken Roberta out of the picture, who at the moment, is executing US officials and building an arsenal for her to use against the Army special forces.  Leads are turning up dead, running away frightened by the sight of a second maid, and flat out denying involvement, that is until the black market gun owner gives them a solid lead.  Everything is in motion and its all going to come down to a single bullet being fired.  (Hint: It’s the bullet Revy gives him).  Only a small portion is seen here, as he correctly guesses the information going down at the meeting between heads of the city, but the stone is now rolling, and it picks up speed very quickly.  Shit is about to go down, and no one, not the FARC, not Hotel Moscow, the HK Triad, nor Lagoon Company will be unscathed.

This is a plot heavy episode, so don’t look for much action here, although the Revy shower scene totally made up for the lack of gunfighting (Seriously, Rock, tap that sometime, why don’t you).   Fear not my friends, the third installment of this OVA series will have a ton of gunfights.  As proof, I leave you this from the previews:


Holy shit, Roberta has an M82 Barrett with a nade launcher.  HIT THE DECK!


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