[drmchsr0] Surprise Fridays! Okay, seriously now, there’s got to be a limit to how much JAM PROJECT one can talk about, right? [Orange Farm Archive]

Oh yeah, the other reason why I’m going to AFA. Hama Kanazawa. Pic drawn by Akishiro Haruya

Oh dear me, Friday’s here again? Oh well, no one can have enough JAM PROJECT. :3c

Asu e no Houko (MuvLuv Alternative OP)  – JAM PROJECT

But before I go into the meat of today’s topic, a little paragraph on the song for this week.

Asu e no Houko is the OP for MuvLuv Alternative (still gonna plug the MuvLuv translation by Amaterasu Translations (because Ixrec is a bro) or until an official english version comes out!) and it is… … … different in tone from what JAM PROJECT usually belts out. The song is depressing and insanely DEFIANT.

…It’s a lot better if you listen to the song and read the lyrics. I’m not equipped to analyze song and lyrics, but let me tell you this: To overcome death to carve your name into the hearts of people, apart from believing in the Judeo-Christian notion of heaven (or the Islamic version, if you’re so inclined) kinda screams badass defiance, doesn’t it?

Okay, enough song analysis. I’m supposed to introduce the 3 oldest members of JAM PROJECT (oldest as in career-wise) here, namely Ichiro Mizuki, Kageyama Hironobu, and Masami Okui.

Ichiro Mizuki is one of the founders of JAM PROJECT. And he has a very, very long career singing anisong. Consider this: When your voice is immortalized as the one who has sung the first super robot show ever, describing your career as “very long” is quite the understatement.

Mazinger Z OP

…Yes, that’s his voice singing the Mazinger Z OP. And he would go on to sing all of the OPs for the Mazinger/Mazinkaiser shows and movies.

Koutetsu JEEG OP

Koutetsushin JEEG OP (Okay, so he’s singing together with JAM PROJECT here…)

And he also was singing BOTH Jeeg OPs. Admittedly, he’s singing with JAM PROJECT for the second one, BUT NEVERTHELESS.

Captain Harlock OP

Combattler V OP

Engage! Godannar! (Godannar 2nd Season OP (HE’S IN THERE, SOMEWHERE))

As Keisar Ephes – SRW @3

…And here’s a few more places in which his voice features.

And enough about the King of Anisong. Now onto the Prince of Anisong and co-founder of JAM PROJECT, Kageyama Hironobu.

Getting his big break as the lead singer of LAZY (which has since split), he has gone on to find fame in writing and singing anisong and tokusatsu music. Yes, he writes his own music. Here are a few of his hits.


Legend has it that Kageyama, a big fan of Dragonball, was asked to compose the OP for DBZ. That OP was HEAD-CHA-LA. No one knew how he managed to do it, but there it is. The song that started his meteoric rise to superstardom.

Merciless Soldier – MD GEIST OP (Better known as KAGEYAMA HIRONOBU HAS COME TO SAVE /A/)

I think the songs are the only good thing about MD GEIST. Mostly because he’s the one who sang most of them.

Kanjite Knight – Shin Mazinger Z! Shougeki!!!! OP

Can you believe that this song is actually a remix of one of his older songs? Done especially for the show? And that JAM PROJECT are the backup?

Okay, he also does tokusatsu songs, but I’m not too familiar with toku. MOVING ON!

Masami Okui! You’ve probably heard her voice somewhere!

Get Along – Slayers OP (feat. Megumi Hayashibara and Masami Okui)

Probably here! Singing with Megumi Hayashibara!

Rinbu Revolution – Revolutionary Girl Utena OP

Or here!

Like Hironobu Kageyama, she does compose and write her own songs. Unfortunately, she does mostly anisong, so…

Angel’s Rest – Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko TV OP

I think this is where I heard her first. WHEN I WAS SEVEN.

TRUST – He is My Master OP

Seriously, I didn’t know she sang THIS. O_O

Okay, that’s all the time I have for this week. Be back next week as I flounder on how little I know about Danny Hiroshi!


1 Response to “[drmchsr0] Surprise Fridays! Okay, seriously now, there’s got to be a limit to how much JAM PROJECT one can talk about, right? [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    October 15, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    There is no upper bound on the amount of time you can spend talking about JAM Project.

    I’d also like to thank you for showing these classic openings. Mazinger Z’s OP is something every anime fan – or at least everyone into giant robots – should be familiar with. XD

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