[Komidol] Yosuga no Sora 02 [Orange Farm Archive]

It’s time to show you Sora-fags that Akira is obviously the best heroine.

Before we get to Akira awesome, I wanted to present the results on my homework on Yosuga no Sora (see here before continuing reading), and I must say I’m disappointed with the results.  While I acknowledge an eroge developer’s right to send a cease and desist letter to English translators because they don’t want their work misrepresented, I fail to see what gain the company has by having fan translations of games they don’t intend to translate themselves.  I understand some companies don’t want to become the next “Rape Lay”; considering the laws of non-Asian countries seem to be a lot more strict about eroge content.  Having them in English may present this incredibly small level of threat to them (though if it’s not distributed outside of Japan, even this is negligible) in that NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) in the English-speaking world might threaten them, but that threat would likely rest more on the translators than the creators of the eroge.  Ultimately, my point here is that I don’t see how free English translations don’t help them as it just means more people are aware and even buying more copies of their game.  In fact, the creators of School Days even went out of their way to publish the links to the English fan translation patch on their site in hope to have more English sales.  Capitalism ‘HOOOO!

Main cover of Yasuga no Sora

So the way I am understanding this the main heroines in the game are Akira and Sora.  I am okay with this, since Akira is awesome and Sora is…an acceptable bitch.  I don’t understand the “bitchdere” charm some guys seem to fall for, but the smut of this season (I’m very much considering this show to be my guilty pleasure; since it’s content seems largely questionable in terms of quality) is definitely entertaining.  I’m looking forward to this series each week more than any other show this season, for some reason.

Don’t ask questions you fool!

So taboos in general with me have been (and likely will continue to be throughout my entire life) an object of captivation.  Like Azaka I’ve always had an interest in taboos.  Ultimately, I think anyone can agree things like murder/rape/theft are inherently “bad”.  They are “bad” because you are taking something away from someone, and/or doing harm onto another person.  I’ve always been a fan of the “do unto others as you would do yourself”-philosophy, so I honestly just can’t view in good faith a brother and sister engaging in any sexual relations a “bad” thing.  Sure, you may have a brother or sister who the thought of sexual interaction with repulses you – but do you need to reflect that onto other people?

Could you?

I mean if we think about this logically, you are your parents children.  Say a sister resembled her mother, and a brother resembled their father.  Would they not have the same innate attractions toward each other – at the very least, physically?  I don’t see a relief of sexual tension beyond a brother and sister to do.  Now it is true that there is a low percentage of genetic defect if conception occurs, and should that occur it is very much unfair to the potential child.  But assuming you’re practicing safe sexual practices, where is the inherent problem of two relatively young (let’s say ages 16-35) brothers and sisters practicing chosen safe sexual relations.  Let’s take it a step further – why does society have an issue to inhibit privacy and enforce laws against these relations.  Laws have become meticulous in the last century (and especially in the last decade). Now I’m not saying that there aren’t immoral or unethical issues with different forms of incest, but I have just never seen a problem with this particular example.  Where is the “victim” in this “crime” that only exists in certain states – or even countries?


But it’s okay to put this issue aside entirely.  Why?  Because Akira is clearly a superior heroine to Sora.  Full of energy, a miko, and bringing liveliness to this crappy little town – damn, what a girl.  Let’s not forget, free back massages every morning.

I’m going to clarify this for those of you who might not understand.










Maybe if you just turned 13 or whatever you might not realize the true benefit of a woman who can give massage, but I assure you, this is a very important to a life long commitment.  She also has fun impersonating, and is incredibly helpful and generous.  I definitely wasn’t ready for such an interesting and attractive character this season.  To top all this off, I saw the tag “yandere heroine” on the VNDB for this game.  If Akira is yandere, my day is made.  I’ll have to finish learning Japanese and buy this game immediately (As opposed to you know, buying it now and giving the creators money).

Ekans!  Use watergun!

Damn, starting water hose fights right in the middle of pool cleaning?  Fun factor at maximum, captain!  Generic male lead no.6374 doesn’t deserve her at all.  Also, did you see that rat tail?  That hair style….HNNNGHHH.

You could say I enjoy her “over friendliness”, also.  Bitin’ ears, water hosing people, fixing buttons, giving back massages, and wrapping up the day with playing around at the shrine.  GIRL IS BALLIN’ EVERYDAY!

Why would any of you waste your time with Sora with Akira running around?  The last girl I knew that used a broom like a sword I married.


4 Responses to “[Komidol] Yosuga no Sora 02 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    October 13, 2010 at 10:38 AM


    no. sorry.

  2. 2 komidol
    October 13, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    Well, Sora is the twincest.

    Superior Akira is not related.

  3. 3 desufag
    October 13, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    Maid and Miko are best, discuss.

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