[drmchsr0] Surprise Fridays! Or How I will bore you all with more JAM PROJECT [Orange Farm Archive]


To be honest, while most people love Fridays (and there’s a Restaurant chain that celebrates it), once you have a job in the Food and Beverage Industry, you’ll begin to hate them. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have in the industry, Fridays are the worst, due to the influx of people coming to buy food. It’s not just that, either. The ensuing cleaning up is a royal pain.

But yeah, enough about that. We have more JAM PROJECT to talk about!

BREAK OUT  (SRW OG – Divine Wars OP)

JAM Project does a ton of anisong for a lot of things. They’ve sung for anime, TV shows (at least one. Kageyama Hironobu has a small voice role in one of them!), games (mostly the SRW series, though), and at least one visual novel.

And they’ve also done at least one Nico cover and, well, let’s just say JAM Project thought it’d be funny to sing the Lucky Star OP. And look how well that turned out :3

…You know what, I’m very bad at the whole “let’s talk about JAM PROJECT” thing, so let’s just crib stuff from wikipedia.

  • JAM Project has sung for a fair amount of anime. And no, it’s not just the SRW series.  No, I didn’t know they actually sung a Galaxy Angel ED until just now. Or that they’ve done the OP for Scrapped Princess.
  • JAM PROJECT did the theme song for the Beijing World Expo. Who would have thought they’d be doing that?
  • They’ve been touring the world. They’ve been to Brazil, America, and for some odd reason, France. AND THEN THEY ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE.
  • The group may be famous internationally, but each of the members are famous in their own right. For example, when you hear HEAD CHA-LA, that’s Kageyama Hironobu’s voice you are hearing. Masami Okui sung the Utena OP, among other things, Kitadani Hiroshi sang the first One Piece OP, and I don’t think I need to introduce how Endoh Maasaki (GaoGaiGar) and Fukuyama Yoshiki (Macross 7) got popular.
  • JAM PROJECT sung the OP to MvLuv Alternative. That alone makes that game worth playing. Also plugging the MLA translation done by Amaterasu Translations. For good reason.
  • My credit limit, it’s too weak to preorder the JAM PROJECT 10th Anniversary Collection T_T

2 Responses to “[drmchsr0] Surprise Fridays! Or How I will bore you all with more JAM PROJECT [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 neet
    October 9, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Friday night muthafucka!

  2. 2 darkslime
    October 13, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    MuvLuv Alternative is apparently worth playing no matter what the opening is. It’s that good.

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