[drmchsr0] Recettear: A Tale of Love, Woe, Interspecies Lesbianism, Capitalism, and for some odd reason, Crystal Swords [Orange Farm Archive]

Not Pictured: Recette’s Cuteness

Oh dear. What have I done.

A couple of weeks ago,  a new game came out on Steam. It made the rounds on the Internet, and then it ended up being the talk of one of the channels I was in. And then I fed Steam money to get it.

And suddenly, I became a dirty capitalist, milking the hard-earned money of the people for my own profit, selling Crystal Swords to young men at inflated prices, earning the ire of families everywhere.

Oh well, at least the debt got paid.

Recettear is about a cute little girl who gets slapped with one huge loan, to be repaid as soon as possible. Mostly because her father failed to kill the evil dragon that was supposed to have massive loot. (If you ask me, he should have had a bag full of magical badger-summoning walnuts handy.)

…And so a fairy from the bank decides to break the bad news to her. And that’s how her life got turned upside down, and how she’s the owner of the most bitchin’ itemshop in Pensee.

Yes, a game where you run an item shop. Where you sell things like overpriced Crystal Swords to young men, Sailor Suits to… … … underage young boys, have SWARMS OF LITTLE GIRLS who want you to sell things at them, among other things. Mostly.

If you get sick of milking the proles for fun and profit, well, there’s… … …  sending good adventurers to their untimely demises by making them trawl the most boring dungeons ever. Okay, so you start out with one broke swordsman, but then you get to add more warm bodies for hire, like a loli elf archer, the aforementioned underage little boy (who is also a magician, FYI) a thief (who is totally not gay for Recette’s fairy friend, honest), a priest-in-training who punches things and is a bro, and… … … of all things, a foreign spear-user. She is adorable. And then you collect mad loot to sell in your store… … … assuming you didn’t send him or her out to die in the first place.

…And what happens, Rupert Murdoch forbid, if you happen to repay the debt? You… … … GET TO MILK THE PROLES FOREVER. Or find out your father was a real dick and left you with a debt you could never hope to repay.

I love this game.


It’s a real fun timewaster. Recette is painfully adorable, and then you get attacked with “YAYFICATIONS!”. I swear that girl has more ways to express her happiness and enthusiasm than I can buy dictionaries.

The characters are interesting enough to NOT be one-dimensional.

Gameplay, well, milking the proles at ripoff prices has never been cuter. or this fun, once you finally figure out how trends and price fluctuations work.  Dungeons are a bore, though. I think they’re mean to be that way so you get to focus on the real action: THE HARDCORE ITEM SELLING.

…I love this game. The localization sure worked well to make it a lot more fun than it should be.

DIS CLAIMER: Your mileage may vary.


2 Responses to “[drmchsr0] Recettear: A Tale of Love, Woe, Interspecies Lesbianism, Capitalism, and for some odd reason, Crystal Swords [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 GrixiZ
    October 7, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    Be that as it may… Still one fine way to goof-off during ~ * ;)

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