[DesuFag] I CAN HEAR MY HEART BELL [Orange Farm Archive]

I’m only one episode into season two, and its like I never stopped watching the first season!

I must say, I love my ecchi shit.  It must stem from my first subbed anime being Love Hina.  Dozens more have followed.  Most have the same events with different characters, yet I still love them and laugh at those cliche scenes, even with their predictability.  Sora no Otoshimono is most definitely not your standard ecchi show.  This show in many ways on par with Seto no Hanayome in terms of humor, yet more ecchi-centric.

A quick introduction to the universe of SnO.  Tomoki is your openly perverted boy who ends up being the owner of two angels.  The angels, while being weapons of mass destruction, grant Tomoki to use their powers for just about whatever he wants.  Cue the hijinks.  Episode four of the first season ranks among the best individual episodes I’ve ever seen just out of sheer entertainment value (which alongside character interaction, is everything to me in a show, since I do not care what studios produce, who directs, or who VAs).  That one episode wrapped up a previous event in the show in an explosive way; exploding any pair of panties that Tomoki could visibly see.  And Tomoki uses this to cause mayhem, eventually destroying his own house, rescuing his childhood female friend from a maze of exploding undergarments.  It was truly a comedic sight to behold, and my description cannot do the scene anywhere near enough justice of what it deserves.  Some other memorable scenes were Tomoki transforming into a girl and water to peek into the girls locker room and to cause some mayhem at the pool, respectively.

Also of note is the fact that each episode has its own distinct ED.  Couple that with the catchy I CAN HEAR MY HEART BELL opening, and you have something I’d sit down every week to watch with a bowl of popcorn.  This shit was gold to me.


So, right after watching Panty and Stocking, I booted this up on my machine.  It was going to have a difficult time entertaining me after watching such a highly enjoyable show.  Nonetheless, it not only met, but it surpassed the entertainment value of Panty and Stocking.  And within the intro scene and the OP even.  In a semi classic scene where the protag wakes up with morning wood and the female friend coming into the room, what does our beloved Tomoki do?  HE ORDERS ICAROS TO SHOOT HIM IN THE DICK!  Oh the hilarity!  And if that wasn’t enough, he keeps a smug grin on his face while getting his groin pounded by angel missiles.

Balls of steel this one has…and they actually make a metallic clank as he gets hit.

A few moments later, the OP began.  As big as my smile was, it could not prepare me for the trip to the floor.  Tomoki is singing his own version of the first season Heart Bell op.  Not only is the first season’s OP recycled, SnO takes the extra route of parodying its own OP.  And full of fucking manservice.  Wings on Tomoki and everything.  I laughed so hard at the OP, I fell out of my chair.  This is a classic point of SnO not taking its own show very seriously, and one of its better strengths, another of its over-the-top humor scenes.  For the full effect, watch these two links.

Sora no Otoshimono First Season OP

Sora no Otoshimono Forte OP

My reaction?  HAHAHA OH WOW

The rest of the episode is about a recurring dream Tomoki has, and so the main cast decides to Dive Game into it, but there are several comedic scenes within the plotline.  One being Sohara’s dream about her giving in to Tomiki’s pervertedness, and the other being Mikako going batshit and shooting/knifing/RPG-7-ing a force of guerilla fighters in her own dream.   After Tomoki’s dream has a few ‘glitches’, the episode ends with a premonition of things to come.  One episode does not a season make, but Sora no Otoshimono looks like it won’t disappoint.  And if I know how SnO operates, it’s going to be an awesome season.

Oh god, I can’t wait!


2 Responses to “[DesuFag] I CAN HEAR MY HEART BELL [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. October 8, 2010 at 3:34 AM

    Is it just me, or does Tomoki getting shot in the dick give me the “YOUR RESISTANCE MAKES MY PENIS HARDER” reaction?

  2. 2 desufag
    October 8, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    Oh god, its so much more hilarious now

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