Comiket 78 Report [Orange Farm Archive]

Now that I’m back from Japan, I have time to write up my report of Comiket 78! Unfortunately, no pictures, as the few that were taken a friend still has, but read on for my experience.

As we got closer and closer to Odaiba, we saw more and more people who were obviously going to Comiket as well – otaku types holding huge, empty anime bags on the train at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday. It was kinda cool. It takes us around an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the station near Big Sight.

Once we got off the train, we followed everyone else for a twenty minute walk all the way AROUND the Big Sight that overcast morning. We marveled at the amount of people there, but we saw line after line – the line to get into the West Hall, the line for the participating circles… and finally our line, the one to get into East Hall. I’m not exaggerating when I say there must have been tens of thousands of people there. If you think you’ve seen a lot of people in one place… you probably haven’t. General attendance of Comiket, IIRC, usually exceeds one million over the three days, so “tens of thousands” is probably a gross underestimation anyway.

We got there a few hours early, so we passed the time by chatting, reading, and marking up our maps. Obviously, the first thing we wanted to do was grab the new Touhou game; we were worried because there were thousands of people ahead of us in line, but we stuck it out. When the event hall finally opened, we stumbled all over the place and finally figured out how to get in line for the new Touhou – the Team Shanghai Alice booth is turned outside the building, and the line actually starts in front of it, goes all the way around the building, snakes around like five times, then comes all the way back! But, as a reward for our patience, we were able to bring back the #1 prize of Comiket, Touhou 12.8. I even got to see ZUN in person, though only for a second, since it was pretty much “get out your thousand yen before you get to the table, hand it to whoever is handing the games out for your line, and get out”.

After that, we split up. I had no idea what I was doing though; I bought a couple things, then met back up with my friends at the booth where the Touhou SRW game was being sold; however, it had sold out already. I bet the guy never even saw it coming. After that, we walked around for hours, only stopping for lunch, filling our respective bags with tons of doujinshi and CDs and god knows what else. It was *extremely* crowded for quite some time, meaning I had to go down each aisle twice – once to look at the stuff on the first side, and once to look at the stuff on the other side. We also visited the corporate booths in the West Hall, too(after getting lost in the female-oriented halls), but I didn’t get anything. However, I did see the trailer for Unlimited Blade Works – looks freaking BEAUTIFUL – as well as the trailer for Witch on the Holy Night, which looks great too. I didn’t get anything; we returned to the East Halls afterward, where I picked up a few last things.

The cosplayers were quite a sight to see, too. They were all extremely good – gorgeous costumes, plenty of guys dressed up as Touhou girls, and, as my friend mentioned, not obnoxious in the least. He was extremely impressed at how much cooler everyone there was compared to anime cons here in America. …Though, sometimes it got a little hard to tell if one was a guy or a girl… ^^;

By the time we stumbled out and back to the monorail station, we were dead tired and had bags stuffed with… well, stuff. We left Odaiba for the last time, thanking the Lord we decided to stay a couple extra days to go to Comiket. It was one of, if not the, highlights of our trip to Japan.

But, I’m sure you’re thinking – “Darkslime, what did you buy!?!?” Well, here’s the list of my spoils – along with the list of stuff I forgot about.

0. Touhou 12.8
1. A small tote bag with cat-eared Cirno in the corner, containing a Cirno+Daiyousei fan(uchiwa) and a cat-ear!Cirno pillow
2. A CG illustration book with tons of completely badass Touhou pictures
3. Millet Soup(su~mi~tan)’s big tankobon doujinshi, containing their first five published comics
4. A big shopping bag from Akaneya with Cirno on one side and Wriggle on the other, containing a Wriggle+Cirno doujinshi and a cloth with all of Team-(9) wearing glasses
5. The starter set for the Vision – Phantom Magic Touhou card game, plus a pack of sleeves
6. A mouse pad from UI-70’s booth (why didn’t I get one of their cd’s!?)
7. PHOENIX Project – Scarlet Inferno (listening to at the moment)
8. Buta-Otome – Long Skirt Panorama Girl (for a friend)
9. This hilarious-looking Fist of the North Star-style Touhou doujinshi
10. Two doujinshi from Kyuropara, that site we advertised a while back

Stuff I wish I got:

1. The Touhou SRW game (was sold out by the time I got there)
2. Crimson Clover (Saw it in the catalog, was sold out by the time I got there)
3. Sora (Orange Juice’s new game; successor to Suguri, totally forgot they were releasing it)
4. LIONHEART’s new game (the makers of Mystical Chain)
5. Mokou doujinshi (none struck my fancy! weird)
6. That half-of-me-sized Cirno plushie (no, really, I could probably sleep on it)

In any case, that’s it for the report. If I think of more stuff, I might just throw it in here as I think of it. I’ll post pictures as soon as my friend gives me them, which means it won’t be happening for a while. (dammit >:O)


2 Responses to “Comiket 78 Report [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Marx-Taich0u
    August 18, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Aaaaaaaah!!~ You saw ZUN! You must have been enlightened from his pure brilliant aura! *W*
    ..me wants to see cat-eared Cirno pillow! *W*

    Lucky you guy..you get to go to the good cons..I’m stuck with the ones where the trap cosplayers are obnoxious, and where good cosplayers are rare. D:

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