Poison [Orange Farm Archive]

LOL.  Strike Witches and HSotD broke MPC.  I guess the program couldn’t handle the awesome of Major Sakamoto and the fanservice/badassery of HSotD.  Anyway, lets get down to brass tax on this episode.

Put on your Rape Face.  This man has it right.

I may have huge backlogs of manga to read, and thus HSoTD has taken a number and is on the waiting list, but no such thing for the anime.  Epsiode two continues to impress, especially since I am not normally a fan of zombie/apocalypse/survival/horror genres.  The second episode primarily focuses on the plight of the major characters as they all come together.  Not much mind-blowing twists to point out, and the adrenaline rush from last week seems to have worn off, but there are a few things I’d like to point out.

This man was a true bro.  Rest in Peace, broski.

First off is the scene above.  I wanted this character to have a longer stay in the show, because of his heroics protecting the school titty monster nurse.   But alas, it was not meant to be as he was bitten.  At least he died before his sanity was lost.  Rest in peace, broski.  When does that girl get a Katana anyway?  An actual katana would have been more fitting, but I guess you can’t have those in school, can we?

This is the most ingenius thing ever

The second item is the chubby’s military nerdism.  Modding a nail gun into an assault rifle?  Holy shit, man.  That’s hardcore as fuck.  And he proceeds to calmly one-shot-one-kill every zombie in his path.  Remind me to avoid this guy when I play online matches of Modern Warfare 2, please.  I have to admit, I was like “WTF” when he was cutting 2x4s as zombies are pounding at the entrance as a tsundere is yelling at you.  But I was geeked when he pulls that Assault Rifle Nail Gun.  My own military nerdism kicked in.

Speaking of miliary nerdism, I need to catch up on Sekirei, which reminds me I need to finalize my blog list.  Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Black Lagoon, HSotD, Asobi ni Iku Yo, and Cat Shit One are weekly blogs.  Sekirei, Ookami-san, and Nararihyon no Mago will make random appearances.


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