Ballin out of Control [Orange Farm Archive]

I present to you Black Lagoon’s best character.  Hands down.  Anyways, LETS ROLL!

A quick backstory for those of you who may not have seen the first two seasons of Black Lagoon, the major players of this arc were introduced in episodes 8-10 of the first season, where Roberta first steps foot in Roanapur to save her young master, Garcia Lovelace.  The takes out a gang with a Spas12 in her Umbrella, an LMG and a Grenade Launcher in her suitcase.  And when she’s done, she blows up the bar with no less than twelve grenades dropped from her dress, then engages in a two high speed chases and a shootout.  Baller.

Watch this for the abridged version of her badassery

So if you like high octane shows, I highly recommend picking it up.  Every gun has a distinctive sound, so you always know who’s shooting; it’s not el cheapo soundboard.  And watch it dubbed, since one, its actually GOOD, and two, the creator has said that everyone is supposed to be speaking English anyway.  Even the sub has a ton of immaculate Engrish, especially in the OP, which is entirely spoken in English.  Speaking of the OP, the new remix for this OVA is ballin out of control.

I would gladly let this be the last thing I see

Let’s get down to business.  Our new OVA is centered aoround the thirty-three or so “El Baile de Muerte” chapters in the manga, where Roberta takes vengeance into her own hands and wages war against the CIA, the NSA, and the Army with a flintlock musket.  Yes, she’s that badass.  Roberta literally is ballin out of fucking control anytime she gets a gun in her hands.


You are already dead…

It starts off with the elder Lovelace being assassinated in a CIA mission, and Roberta cannot take this sitting down, so she goes to get justice and vengeance on the dogs, so-to-speak.  The next thing you know, shit’s hitting the fan all over the place in Roanapur.

Why are you so badass?

Lagoon Company, our four protagonists, Rock, Revy, Benny, and Dutch (a Japanese salaryman, and three Americans, respectively), start getting strange calls asking about rumors of strange clients.  They don’t have a clue what’s going on, until they head down the the Yellow Flag, the scene of Roberta’s first massacre in season one.  In walks a maid, Fabiola, who proceeds to open up a can of whoop-ass on the Colombian cartel residing there, all the while using largely non-lethal methods.  She’s a badass, but not as badass as Roberta was.


Now, once Fabiola is satisfied with destroying the bar, she takes Lagoon Company to see Garcia, who’s in from South America, looking for Roberta.  Now the pawns are all in place.  One final cut to Roberta.

Oh lordy, I can’t wait for the coming eps now.

I guarantee shit will hit the fan in the comping episodes.  This IS Black Lagoon, and things have a penchant for going that way.  This show is always ballin out of control.


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