Angel Beats 12 [Orange Farm Archive]

Everything is kinda messy at this point, eh?

With only one episode of Angel Beats! remaining, I finally get a chance to conclude my thoughts on some of the finished off characters and their point in the story.  We can’t say much about Kanade or Otonashi, but this episode concluded the story for some of the minor characters.  Of the large set of minor characters (that is non-mains such as Yurippe, or supporting – such as Naoe) I will say Hisako was most likely my favorite.  A mad awesome mahjong player (read:cheater), someone who played on the team but largely lived how she wanted, and she found a scene in almost every episode.  She wasn’t obstructive and I found her individuality both inspiring and commendable.  Her friends were cute too – while I don’t like their music all that much, I can say the characters in GirlsDeMo were a welcomed part of this short story.

However, like the guild and other characters in the cast they weren’t expanded on all that much.  I don’t really agree that Angel Beats! was forced (I feel the intentions of Maeda were adequately -though not perfectly- communicated by P.A. Works), but it was rushed and would’ve done better with more episodes.  I also think a stronger director could of helped a lot.  When you’re not certain about the flow or transition of anime between it’s scene’s and episodes – that’s the fault of the director.

Face it, even with the story as it is, we all know Angel Beats! could of done a lot of little things to make it a lot better.  Yuri’s contemplation of becoming God was actually fitting for the character, but the execution made it seem otherwise.  I actually have a lot of approval for Yuri – when I think about the character and way she acted, I feel like she is well written and backgrounded.  Her poses, actions, and pacing are all well done.  What wasn’t done well was her reaction to certain events and contemplations over her past and her situation.  Most people don’t like Yuri, and I don’t think this is a fault of the character, I think it’s just PA Work’s lack of experience.

It’s too much for me.

I just don’t understand how you get an awesome show like Canaan, written by Nasu, backed by TypeMoon, have high budget and animation production, and just manage to fuck up your show enough to the point where it’s considered mediocre.  Now Canaan had a lot of competition in Summer 2009 (pretty hard for it to be considered the best with Haruhi and Spice and Wolf Season II about); but Angel Beats! had every opportunity and all the momentum in the world.  You had Jun Maeda, successful visual novel/anime writer for Air, Kanon, and Clannad – the support of Key, and not to mention the entire backstory of Track Zero to make Angel Beats! amazing.  Somehow you stole the rights to the show from under the carpet of KyoAni and this is what happens.  This is why we can’t have nice things.  This is why people say anime is dieing.  This is why no new fresh anime studios have topped KyoAni in the last five years.  I’ll call out P.A. Works and put them on-blast.  I know it’s no easy thing making an amazing anime – but how do you make so many correct decisions in setup and ultimately make it nothing more than just maybe above mediocre at best?

When an animation studio cops out like this, it does injustice to the entire story and all it’s characters.  Ultimately, barring some really amazing Kanade plot point in the last episode, all Angel Beats will be remembered for is T.K. and maybe Yui.

Which isn’t comforting considering how solid the character designs for Otonashi, Yurippe, and the rest of the cast really were.


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