Angel Beats 09, 10, and some words on the industry. [Orange Farm Archive]

I miss her already.

So the ending arc is finally starting to fall into place, but the real question is – will there be a season two?

Aren’t we feeling smart today?

Where to begin…the funny thing is Angel Beats is *literally* a trainwreck, considering Otonashi’s past.  I wonder if they understand the analogy, JP-side.  So we now know Otonashi’s past and have lost Yui, and given birth to the Kanade-Otonashi-Hinata team.  The problem is, there’s only a couple episodes left.  Will Maeda continue the past of entertaining-troll and have Yuri discover about the trio or some other crazy plot twist?  Or, will we end with conflicts unsolved into a season two?


We also have this relationship growing between Otonashi and Kanade, and the quickly-ended Hinata and Yui.  The problem I would have right now if I were in Otonashi’s place is who the hell is Kanade.  She hasn’t told anyone anything, yet he’s following her because he arrived at the same conclusion she said she did.  We really don’t know what intentions Kanade has or anything about her.  I’d be weary, but she’s just too adorable to say “no” too or suspect, given her actions.  At the same time, she likely holds the key to knowledge about the rest of the world more so than anyone else, and while an interrogation might be rude, I definitely be asking some questions.

Yo like hell you were, bro.  I think you just caught onto Otonashi’s plan and tried to help Yui find happiness (despite if that meant making her disappear.)  People say this was a forced love/scene, but I don’t think Hinata was entirely serious.  If he was, he was just taking advantage of the moment.  He must of known Yui would disappear, so I don’t think I would take this scene at face value.  Despite that, I’m fairly happy for Yui, but it sucks not having anymore screen time for her.

Yui wasn’t the most in-depth character I’ve ever seen, but I think she livened up the anime more than any other character with her outbursts and comedic nature.  I’ve always had this natural attraction to girls with energy, and her character really changed the way I think about sickly characters.  You see, there has always been this raging hate at sickly characters present within me – the thought that someone would even bother being attracted to one of those characters.  If she can’t keep up with you, or is always going to be a hassle – she’s going to hold you back.  I’ve always looked at girls who try to bring a fun and unpredictable joy into everyday life, but I think I’ve realized now where Maeda is going with all these sickly character portrayals in his anime (and Yui is by far the best one, forget Shiori)  Yes they’re sickly, yes they can be annoying (or develop strange habbits because of their inaccessibility to normal life), but they do what they can, have dreams, and probably are more open and dedicated to trying new things that they can do within their own limits.  Seeing Yui’s spirit has changed my viewpoint on what people see in sickly characters.  I was surprised I could this ray of light through the rubble of a horrible trainwreck, but I guess it’s something you would only notice if you’ve seen a lot of Key animes before.  Either that, or Maeda is totally trolling all of us.

For my own reasons, I try to stay away from the medical world as much as possible, but this anime has definitely communicated a theme with medicine I wouldn’t appreciate most other ways.  Motivation of people who want to see the well being of others is a curious thing, but I guess a couple exist out there.  It’s ashame to realize this most people have to lose something of their own before they realize it’s worth it to help other people with similar problems.  I liked Otonashi as a main character from the start, and knowing his full back story treats us to an angle not normally given on main male leads.  It’s the fact he’s taken self action and doesn’t act like an idiot that places him higher than the standard for me, since most male characters are treated with idiocy in anime, especially in recent times.  I also liked that the writers used something modern like the organ donation card to help add a bit of realism to the event.  I’ve always felt stories that take place in the present have a stronger effect than those either too far in the past or future.

I’ve seen a lot of people put Angel Beats down as either boring, or cliche for it’s time.  I can give way to some arguments that the general art style (which is done quite well, you spoiled brats), atmosphere, and character design has been done before (what we can expect from someone who has been writing as long as Maeda), but there is still some artistic value in this story.  That isn’t to say it’s not largely entertainment, but the story is definitely above average, and has a unique angle to offer to more than one type of person.  Being a writer myself, I know all fiction authors just want to convey a point of view not necessarily seen before through circumstance.  It’s the heart of communication and culture – and Angel Beats isn’t exempt from that.

A myriad of a million things go into an anime.  Where you get factors like popular appeal and money there is also the people working on it to tell a story, bring multimedia to life, and have fun.  All these factors are present in most anime, and I think that’s perfectly reflective of the anime industry (and a lot of our society) today.  Some factors will always outweigh others (it’s pretty obvious when you get an anime made specifically to generate funds…oh neko overrun, how you disappoint me…), but I think PA Works and Maeda are honestly doing their best to make a solid work while appealing to as many people as possible.  Hater’s gonna hate, but believe it or not most people in this business (especially as long as someone like Maeda) aren’t here just to make money and destroy the industry.  Animators and animation staff are some of the most under-payed people out there today, and their not in it to waste their time or force anything on you.  They want to weave a story, provoke thought, express themselves, and have fun with what opinions are generated along the way.  That’s what artists do.

And, maybe if all goes well Iwasawa, Yui, and Fuuko will show up in the last episode.


7 Responses to “Angel Beats 09, 10, and some words on the industry. [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 komidol
    June 7, 2010 at 1:56 AM

    Some final thoughts…

    >Yui’s broken chain and handcuff accessories represented her free of her paralysis.
    >The decorations in Yui’s room in her life were plushies of Botan (Clannad), the dinosaur that Gao’d(from Air), and that other puppy from Air. No piro though ;_;
    >How did Yui die? Likely someone forgot about her, or her own mother killed her in her sleep, since she had to die young.

    And finally,
    >Hinata is Tomoya’s father. Discuss.

  2. 2 Aelms
    June 7, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Angel Beats have finally proved itself as a Key-anime…

    I think episode 9 & 10 was pretty much the best episodes so far (or if the story really changes direction again, probably THE best episodes). The touching scenes finally became touching and the comedy and drama no longer interfered with each other. The main flaws (as I saw it) were finally overcame. This is of course ignoring the BIGGEST and DUMBEST mistake of making the series only 12/13 eps long…

    I agree with you in terms of Yui’s character. It was nice to finally see those chains finally have some meaning. Maybe not specifying Yui’s death was a hint about some characters not really dead yet. It IS quite a likely theory. Unlike you, I thought that that Hinata’s confession/proposal really was honest. It fit that Hinata would want the person he loved to find true happiness and it only made it more touching for him to sacrifice his own happiness for it.

    Regarding Otonashi, maybe it’s just me but he seems to really resemble Shirou after the train crash scene. Maybe it was how he used the donor card to achieve just a little bit of his ideal, which was to help people continue living. Just like the UBW Shirou,Otonashi tried his very best in fulfilling his ideal even when in the face of its impossibility (although that was much more situational for Otonashi; he very likely would have became a successful doctor if he survived).

  3. 3 Ssuusshhii
    June 7, 2010 at 8:41 AM

    Stop over-analyzing moeshit. I am happy that whatshername is finally gone. Please bring back Iwasawa, thanks.

  4. June 7, 2010 at 9:44 AM


    Man, don’t compare Otonashi to Shirou. The whole point of what I wrote was to say he’s not some braindead idiot like Shirou or other loser male leads. I’m sure that Hinata’s proposal was honest but knowingly not thought through. He knew she would disappear, so I think he told her just what she wanted her to hear to make her happy and help her. Not necessairly that he was in a romantic love with her, because then it would be forced bullshit. From what we see in Clannad/Kanon, we know Key is capable of building a real leadup and lovey-dovey scene. I’m saying something was off about it, and I think it’s Hinata’s foresight and intentions that set it off. Yui felt loved in that moment, but it seemed like Hinata was almost sad/just doing what he had to do as a man. He obviously wanted her to be happy, but love is a far jump from that.

    I wouldn’t compare these circumstances to F/SN at all. Also, it’s true we haven’t been confirmed any member of the SSS actually “dead”, with only Otonashi even appearing to be so. No one 1000% died, and it seems like they could all be in a coma like state. Then again, every reasonable guess people have made at this show thus far have all been wrong, so I’m guessing either lolkey or trainwreck-plottwist will happen.


    Maeda wasn’t thinking “Let me make some moeshit” when he wrote these characters, he was thinking about the experiences he had, what he wanted to say, and what he wanted each character and conflict to represent. Except this time he was challenged with being the primary writer for doing it in the form of an anime rather than a visual novel. I think it was an exciting endeavor for him and PA Works (who gave Nasu the same opportunity with Canaan) and both sides were interested in bringing the idea to life. Don’t take such a negative view on everything. No one is forcing you to watch this show.

  5. 5 komidol
    June 9, 2010 at 1:32 AM

    Patchesss where’s my comment!?

  6. 6 desufag
    June 11, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    Yui? Gone? Imokaywiththis.jpg. She annoyed me, up until this episode. She did redeem herself, though. I’ll give her that. And baseball dude is a bro. Brofuckingstatus right there.

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