Gensoubun Newspaper 2010.06.06 [Orange Farm Archive]

A new face on the good old news posts.  Though I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

○ Fanbase News

──────── Doujin Game Announcement: Touhou Sky Fight
Uhh, it appears that Fly-System, or just a related group called Area Zero, is making a game called Touhou Sky Fight, set for (some kind of) release at this summer’s Comiket. Not too much info as of yet, but we can expect the good old 3D flying action game. Announced characters are Reimu, Marisa, Cirno, Sakuya, and Remilia.

──────── Flash Game: Tenshi-chan Close Call
A neat little flash game where you point the mouse and shoot earthquakes at people coming to get Tenshi. I got up to M15-12, but I’m sure you can do better.

──────── Winamp Skins: Hatate and Lunasa 3
A few more Winamp skins from the same source.

──────── MUGEN Character: Hieda no Akyu (!?) (test version)
Some crazy is making a MUGEN character of Akyu. The video is at the link in the header; you can get the test version at this link. The password is AQN.

──────── Random Pixel Art
A whole bunch of NES-style sprites of all the Touhou characters. Pretty cool, so go appreciate it. :P

○ Videos

This is a new segment. Each week I’ll be posting some of the most-watched Touhou videos of that week on Nico Video for you guys to enjoy. Thanks to the group of people doing these crazy rankings! The first link will be the official ranking video, where you can see clips of every ranked video, complete with URLs so you can pause the video and type it in.

Much of the ones this week are probably rehashes; I’ll focus on getting newer ones later, but just for completeness’s sake. I’ll also try to leave out those self-drawn manga videos with no English in them, because they’re pointless to watch for probably 99% of our reader base.

2010 May, Week 4 (click)

1. Touhou UFO!Bakemonogatari ED
2. Touhou Hisoutensoku All Characters Combo Movie (ver1.10)
3. Bad Apple!! PV (Shadow Art)
4. How to Draw Reimu Shooting a Wave (it’s easy!) (new)
5. It’s just Reimu drawn over Yui-nyan, put to music (new)
6. Buta-Otome Vocal Arrangement: Waltz in the Eastern Country (Necrofantasia) PV (new)
7. MikuMikuDance – Remilia dancing to No Life Queen (fixed version) (Sakuya is the best part of the video) (new)

And that’s that. Check out the master video to see if there’s something else that strikes your fancy!


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