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This is the first article of “Naze Nani NicoNico”, where I’ll pick a little bit of information from NicoNico every so often and explain it here with examples. Because knowing the source for memes is the way to live. This article’s example is Moemon – that Pokemon FR/LG patch that replaces all the Pokemon with anthropomorphized moe characters.

First of all, you already know I posted earlier on how to create an account over at Nico Video. If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and make one! You’ll thank me once you’re used to it. Anyway, here are the concepts we’re learning today.

~ Many of the videos on NicoNico are titled “something something ~temita”. If you’re studying Japanese, you might know that the “~te miru” ending roughly means “to try” or “to give something a shot”. These videos are basically just homegrown creations – in this case, “I tried anthropomorphizing the Pokemon Rap”. A lot of neat videos on drawing have titles “something something o kaitemita”, and people singing along to songs in karaoke-style title their contributions “some song name o utattemita”. Stuff like that. You’ll see it everywhere. The related tag for drawing stuff is 描いてみた.

~ Tegaki MAD videos generally refer to when someone takes a song/opening/ending from an anime and draws their own stuff to it, whether by rotoscoping or starting from scratch. Every single Touhou parody OP/ED you’ve ever seen falls into this category. The tags related to this kind of video are 手描き and 手書きMAD.

~ In Japanese, “pixel art” is called “dot pictures”, or ドット絵. Neat little bit of trivia for those of you into that(I know I used to be). Many pixel art-related videos are also “tsukuttemita” videos, or “I tried to make…” pixel art of whatever.

Moemon (Tag: 萌えっ娘もんすたぁ)

Please note that this is not a Moemon-dedicated post; I haven’t yet sorted out all the chaos on their wiki, so I haven’t even played it yet, and can’t give tech support. This is an overview of its effect on NicoNico.

On 2007/05/24, a submitted user video called “Pokemon Ieru Kana de Gijinkashitemita”(I anthropomorphized the Pokemon Rap) quietly provoked a flood of users contributing pixel art and colored videos on the subject. The video itself takes the full version of the Pokemon Rap and uses hand-drawn moe anthropomorphizations of all 151 Pokemon. Eventually, a modification patch for the games was released, and it became one of the many Pokemon mods that are out there.

Concerning NicoNico Video, gameplay videos of the patched game and kaitemita videos started to spring up, and on 12/01, another video, “Anthropomorphism – ‘Moemon Ierukana? / Kocchi muitenai-han'”, a pixel-art version of the original using the artwork from the patch, rose to the top spot in views and Mylist ranking, showing how much this thing had exploded. A lot of playthrough videos and tegaki MADs are submitted even today, and sometimes it still shows up in the rankings. There are even tegaki versions of the first two Pokemon endings, except with the anthropomorphized versions instead. And, of course, about six different gameplay patches, some still under active development.

In my opinion, the Pokemon Rap is definitely cooler in English than in Japanese, but w/e. The Japanese version’s refrain was “Lalala, ieru kana? Kimi ga ieru kana?”, which means “Lalala, can you say it? Can you say it?”, as in, can you sing along with the rap.

    List of Videos(important ones bolded):

The Original Moe Pokerap, by Suzuna
Gold and Silver Moe Pokerap, by Suzuna
Diamond and Pearl Moemon, by Suzuna

Moemon Pixel Art 1, by BGG
Moemon Pixel Art 2, by BGG
Moemon Pixel Art, by akun02 (to support BGG)
Pokerap Pixel Art Compilation Version 1, using BGG and akun02’s stuff, by Nekousa

Moemon Pixel Art 1, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 2, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 3, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 4, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 5, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 6, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 7, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 8, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 9, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 10, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 11, by Rukou
Moemon Pixel Art 12, by Rukou (last – 151 pokemon complete)

Pokerap Pixel Art Version 2 using Rukou’s stuff, by Nekousa

Tegaki Moemon Ending 1, by Keito
Tegaki Moemon Ending 2, by Keito

Source (from NicoNico Dictionary)

Link to the @wiki

Hope you enjoyed this article! Hopefully NicoNico is a little less foreign to all you foreigners now.


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