Touhou News 2010.05.23 [Orange Farm Archive]

Oh god, a Touhou news post after this many months? Surprise~ No arrangements this time though. I’m planning something else at the end of the month for that.

○ Official News

──────── Convention News: Reitaisai Special
It was recently announced that on September 9th, a special Reitaisai event will be held! Now, as most readers know, Reitaisai is held every spring – either March or May, depending on when we’re talking about – so this is a big occasion. At 1000 spaces available, it’s likely to be just as big as the regular Reitaisai. Comiket has “specials” as well, but these are usually held in other places such as Osaka in order to bring the festivities to other parts of the country, but Reitaisai SP will be held in the same old Tokyo Big Sight. It’s a shame I’ll be back in the States by then. :(

──────── Tankobon Release Date Set: Curiosities of Lotus Asia
The long-awaited compilation of the Curiosities of Lotus Asia short story series written by ZUN has had its release date finally set at June 30. Japan has been definitely waiting eagerly for this ever since the serialization ended back in 2007, so it’s good to see. If you guys don’t know about it, this was the first official spinoff work, starting way back when Perfect Cherry Blossom was new stuff. The good folks at the Touhou Wiki have translated every chapter, so if you want to know more about the single male character in Gensokyo, now’s your chance!

○ Fanbase News

──────── Video Series: Touhou Ball Z
kinbo’s Embodiment of Scarlet Devil flash oekaki videos inspired by the Dragonball series has finally been completed with the eight and last chapter of the saga! Even if you don’t know any Japanese, it’s sure to awaken the DBZ fan you know you have inside. Check out the Mylist at the link to get started.

──────── Video Series: MAG Net Touhou Project Broadcasts
It’s all in Japanese, but NHK ran a special on Touhou Project recently. I really don’t understand much of it, but if you understand moonspeak, then go for it.

──────── Video: Touhou x Hajime no Ippo Parody Opening
A very nicely drawn Hajime no Ippo OP parody, starring – you guessed it – good old China. Using the Dempsey Roll!?

──────── Video: Touhou x Bakemonogatari Ending Parody
The ending for Bakemonogatari titled “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”, drawn out with Touhou UFO characters. Pretty good. *goes to look up the original* Okay, it’s *really* good. I just haven’t seen Bakemonogatari, and am *almost* ashamed to say so.

──────── Grypon Figure: Eirin Yagokoro
A review – well, pretty much just tons of pictures – of Gryphon’s new Eirin PVC figure. What a hag.

──────── Gryphon Figure: Kaguya Houraisan
And here’s the review for the Kaguya figure.

──────── Gryphon Figure: Tewi Inaba
And from Akiba Hobby, a look at the Tewi figure as well.

──────── Winamp Skin: Utsuho, and Others
If you are still a Winamp loyalist(hey, at least you’re not using WMP!), bascan has released a new Utsuho skin – to add to his approximately fifty others. You’ll have to cross-reference the names on the site with the Touhou wiki if you don’t recognize them; or just click the left button to preview, and the right button to download.


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  1. 1 komidol
    May 23, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Jesus christ those figures.

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