Kaichou wa Maid Bros [Orange Farm Archive]

See this man?  This man is Takumi Usui, and he is a bro amongst bros, and has fucking balls to do the shit he does.  Also, Spoilers below, read at own risk.

Now, those of you who have knowledge of otakudom know that Maid cafe’s are popular amongst them.  This man visits a particular maid cafe to see/harrass his school’s student council president, Misaki, who works there.  It kind of goes something like this.

>Go to Maid Cafe
>Earn points for purchases
>Beat Misaki in card game
>Get picture taken with Misaki as a maid on Twintails Day

I’d give my left nut for such an opportunity like this

But that’s just the start.  I thought last week’s episode involving handcuffs and assaulting maids was good, but that doesn’t compare to this.

Usui brings the picture to school with him every day, a big deal, since Misaki doesn’t want her secret about being a maid to get out.  He also rescues her daily from a group of over enthusiastic boys who formed a study group under her tutelage when it’s time to go to her maid job.

So when our charsmatic kaichou comes to visit him on the roof, he pulls out the picture, and taunts her with it.  In the fight that ensues, the picture is dropped, and floats toward the waiting study group below.  Does Usui panic?

HELL NO!  He simply takes Misaki, gives her a passionate kiss, and then LEAPS OFF THE DAMN ROOF.

I had to keep reminding myself this is only episode six, but holy fuck, this was awesome.  No cockblocking here.

Now, most heroes are immune to roof jumps.  Ranma, I’m looking at you.  But not our Usui.  No, he suffers scrapes and bruises, before landing in the school pool, but he succeeds in saving his picture of his beloved Misaki, who appears on the scene with great distraught that Usui just hurled himself off the school roof just to protect her secret.

I’m glad to see that image is waterproof.  Also, daaaaw at Misaki being worried about Usui.

God damn, what a fucking bro.  This season has many of them.  I wonder if he and TK are good buds.

Thanks to Soup for the HQ screens.


1 Response to “Kaichou wa Maid Bros [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. May 12, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    I am not gay for Usui. That was some fucking epic shit. What you didn’t see was Tamaki Suoh being all, “Yeah, but I jumped out of a moving car.” And Usui responding, “Yeah, but this was episode six, tearducts. Wait until you see my second act.”

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