Angel Beats 06 [Orange Farm Archive]

You fucking cheater.


My claim isn’t without lie, if you read track zero, you would know Hisako is a mad mahjong cheater.  There’s a lot of characters I like in Angel Beats, and two of them are playing mahjong at this table.  I do hope to see a Hisako episode, since we’ve seen her in at least one scene in every episode (though she’s hardly noticeable).

The jig is up!

Look at the way they beat it with that Mahjong set.  That takes some serious fucking skill.  Not a single tile left on the ground.

I will say the Barnacle Battlefront sure knows how to ruin a classroom atmosphere.  Definitely a good insight into their daily life.  If it winds up that this world isn’t a proxy or virtual domain and has effect on their real lifes, I will laugh at them all taking another year.  Atleast they can do that in highschool, fucking up in college on the other hand…well…finals didn’t go so well for me…eheheh…

Slam that desk.

Atleast we failing geniuses can keep our priorities straight.

You get locked in a detention center and find this, /a/non.  What do you do?  Include your answer in your comment.

Rolling along in this episode Tenshi gets busy being her protoss self and PA Works off more of their special effects.  But really it’s the same one being reused.

Either Maeda is really bad at mushing a lot of scenes together or they have too many writers for Angel Beats!  This particular scene managed a smile from me but the episode progressively lacked proper timing on it’s scenes, the same thing that killed Chaos;Head back in the day.  Maybe we need a better director?  The scenes just won’t mesh.  Maybe 14 episodes woulda been better for a little slack time?

Right by the fucking hair.

Is this what you all wanted for Yuri beating up on Tenshi?  Looks like it.

Would you?

And when you wake up in 4 hours you’ll be perfectly fine.  That thought in the back of my mind made it hard for me to really get into the zone for this entire scene, but it wasn’t particularly bad either.

I didn’t particularly care.

It makes you wonder where they want to go with Angel Beats.  Who is the antagonist and what keeps them there?  Maybe this will finally be a Key work where the cast finds out about the weird world the exist in and fight to get out of it?  I think that’d be pretty neat.  Unfortunately, the more the plot develops the less coherent it’s been getting.  I want to see where they go with the characters from here.  I still believe it’s an above average series and has potential to be a very memorable anime, but I hope they have one hell of a grand ending planned, expand on one or two more characters, and make those events count.

Are you sure you didn’t want 24 episodes to somehow tie all this together, Maeda?

2 Responses to “Angel Beats 06 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. May 11, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    Look at the way they beat it with that Mahjong set. That takes some serious fucking skill.

    My favorite part of the episode, for reals.

  2. 2 komidol
    May 11, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    Mine too, by far.

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