M3-25 Touhou Music Summary [Orange Farm Archive]

With the twenty-fifth installment of the MusicMediaMix Market having ended a few days ago, here’s a quick summary of the Touhou albums that were released. If you’re having trouble deciding what’s worth your time – like Flandre here – then read on.

Vocal Albums
Azure&Sands – Casino Seirensen (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* A vocal album with the theme of “casino”, and listening to the tracks can definitely remind you of one. They pulled artists from other places, such as PARADOX and Sisimai Brothers for this CD.

Buta-Otome – Gensou Homo Ludens (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* A light rock female vocal album.

Carbonic Acid – Melody of Calamity (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* A cool-sounding rock arrangement CD with some vocals thrown in.

Cat Styles – touhou magic (Crossfade)
* A multi-genre vocal album by a female singer I’m not too fond of…

CM11 – 11 Colors (Crossfade)
* As the name implies, it’s 11 different artists, one for each song. There’s instrumental arrangements, vocals, rock, orchestra, techno, and even an anime-style song.

Cocktail M49 – Monochlore (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* One of those vocal CDs with a cutesy-style female lead.

Girl’s short hair – Mayohiga e Youkoso (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* A male rock-ish vocal arrangement CD. Just three tracks long.

Icarus’cry – Fumetsu Ouka (Website – click on the drop-down in the player; choose M3-2010春新作) (VGMDB)
* Metal arrangements with a male vocalist. The instrumentals are quite good, and I don’t have many complaints about the vocals even.

Infinity – Touka Ranman (Official Website) (same deal as icarus’cry w/ the player; choose 東華爛漫)
* An album featuring a higher-pitched male vocalist, a heavy metal vocalist(who ruins the song), and plenty of others… This album is all over the place, so you might like how one or two sound but hate the rest, etc.

Kraster – Touhou Mugenkyou (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Something of a rock/electronica vocal CD. They pull stuff from a variety of places.

Masashi Okagaki & Friends – Scarlet Fantasia VI (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Some neato symphonic rock. Sounds almost like JAM Project.

rythmique – Glorious Reminiscence (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* A light arrangement CD featuring a female vocalist.

SuganoMusic – SuganoMusic Touhou Arrange Music Volume 1 (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Electronic arrangements, some with vocals on top. Never heard of them, but it sounds nice.

SYNC.ART’S – Alternative201005 (Track 2) (demo of both tracks available) (VGMDB)
* SYNC.ART’S latest mini-album, consisting of an original track and a vocal arrangement of History of the Moon.

TUMENECO – Polaris (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Another stylized light music/rock arrangement CD with vocals from TUMENECO.

Unlucky Morpheus – Hypothetical Box: Act 2 (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Unlucky Morpheus returns with another rock album starring their female vocalist. She really does remind me of the person who sang the opening theme songs to Tekkaman Blade…

Bitter Quartz – Mentalists (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* Trance-y/techno-y mix CD. Only the first four tracks are Touhou-related(the site makes a big deal about the CD not being just for Touhou, they just like Daiyousei >_>).

DDBY – Touhou UnderGround (Crossfade) (VGMDB)
* DDBY’s usual electronic arrangement deal.

Discord Registers – Hi! NEW SCAPE (Crossfade) (that’s going to have trouble downloading)
* More nice rock/metal instrumentals from Discord Registers.

Frozen System Records – lunar eclipse (Crossfade Video)
* Weird techno.

Golden City Factory – Early Museum: Guri Toho Remixes Best Second (Crossfade (click Download)) (VGMDB)
* A compilation CD of remixes Guri did a long time ago. Electronic arrangements(again).

JunKY-jaM – Gensou Ikyouen (Official Website) (Demo versions of all tracks available)
* Odd techno, but not as strange as lunar eclipse.

Magic Scientist – Magic Scientist (Crossfade Video)
* Weird trance/techno.

minimum electric design – sanae telegraph (Crossfade)
* A group of four instrumental/electronic arrangements. Some weird.

Re:Volte – Touhou Gensouroku 7: Gale to the Eastward (Official Website) (fully downloadable from posts labeled M3新作 フルサイズ試聴曲) (VGMDB)
* Instrumental performances and arrangements, many of which are from Double Spoiler.

SoundInfinity – Black or White (Official Website) (fully downloadable) (VGMDB)
* Techno/hardcore stuff.

IRON ATTACK! – Best Collections (VGMDB)
IRON ATTACK! – Black History (compilation of stuff they did for other groups) (VGMDB)
Unlucky Morpheus – Jealousy: Off Vocal Ver. (VGMDB)

Darkslime’s Wish List(in relative order): Hypothetical Box: Act 2, Hi! NEW SCAPE, Alternative201005, Scarlet Fantasia VI, Touhou UnderGround, Melody of Calamity; Best Collections

I want to do stuff like this more often, but if I say I will do this regularly, I won’t. So enjoy for now~


2 Responses to “M3-25 Touhou Music Summary [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 desufag
    May 11, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    You may know about this already, but TouhouFantasia has close to 1200 songs on his youtube account.


  2. 2 darkslime
    May 12, 2010 at 2:16 PM

    Yep, seen it. It’s pretty crazy.

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