Angel Beats 02 [Orange Farm Archive]

“Alright, let’s go!” – TK
Establishing a visit to the guild is a pretty solid basis for a second episode.  As Angel Beats continues to establish and use it’s setting, the more interesting the characters become.  Maeda is doing a decent job for his first anime, but I wasn’t all that touched (like I might be in a VN scene) about Yuri’s alleged “past”.  It feels like she was lying.  Maybe that’s how it was supposed to come across.

Or maybe they just spent too much money on their opening (This is not a bad thing).  Often at the Orange Farm (as we are built on supporting characters), I take the time out to analyze side characters and give my impressions as to how they come across or why they may act the way they do (in contrast to simply just viewing and seeing what the author *wants* me to think of them as, as a viewer).  I really like to get behind characters who take action, and have an underplayed role in the story.

Perfect.  Chest.

Angel Beats is fucking with that.  For some unexplainable reason, I’m really feeling it for it Tenshi.  Maybe it’s because she has a SSS-class body, maybe it’s because she just seems to innocent in appearance (and her lack of being an explained antagonist) – but for whatever reason, I’m totally falling into Maeda’s trap.  I’m questioning why Tenshi is in the position she’s in and want to protect her.  Why are decent VN authors so damned good at that?

Like Otonashi, I feel everything is a little too radical to be acting on.  If I was in his position, I’d probably be doing the same thing (since, like everyone else, Tenshi seems quite capable of handling herself).  If I was Otonashi I’d be less sure why I was dead and wondering if I really was dead or in some unexplainable-Key-like-world, as he is.  I think it’ll take about 6 or so more episodes for him to build character relations, then get his memories back, then be put into some tough situations which really mark the start of the story.  I hope it works out that way, atleast.  If we don’t figure out what’s wrong with Otonashi until episode 20….well let’s say if Tenshi gets Nayuki-end, I’m going to be really dissapointed.

Rebels against the KyoAni

I’m sure OP reviews and love for TK is all over-the blogosphere, so I’ll just save my breath and say I support it.  I won’t lie, I’ve used the terms “Fuckin’ Crazy!” and “Alright, Let’s Go!” this week as much as I could.  I’ve watched (and possibly done other…things…regarding) the opening over 100 times.  It was done really well, and I think if PA Works keeps up the pace they’re going to have the last laugh on KyoAni.

Lets see how K-ON works out, I haven’t found anything worth posting about it in the first episode.


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