ISML Heatin’ Up [Orange Farm Archive]

The preliminaries are over and the battle for the Aquamarine has begun.

I’m often told ISML is just a popularity contest, and I’m sure the majority of the fan base votes that way, but I’ve always had fun taking a true look at the moe of characters and breaking them down.  The quality of moe, number of moe counts, and differences between fan and canon moe are all important factors when looking at moe matchups.  Seeing Shana and Fate battle this early may be a tell tale sign of the top 16 to come.

2008 International Saimoe League Champion

Looking at 2008 we can see that Fate and Shana have had major battles, usually crowning a small win for Fate.  These two both have a loyal fanboy legion behind them, all doing whatever they can to get as many votes as they can for their characters.

Shana‘s legion has a lot to show for themselves:
-Rie Kugimiya voiced Tsundere
-Long red hair moe
-Loli moe
-Combat moe
-Sailor suit school girl outfit moe
-Melon bread nomming moe,

Whereas her fierce and currently dominant competition Fate has,
-Innocent/desire to protect moe
-Loli moe
-Loyal moe
-Blonde hair moe
-Twintail moe
-Combat moe
-Magical girl moe

Ultimately the decision should be one’s personal preference, but if you find yourself having difficulty choosing – remember to disconnect the character from their fanbase, doujin-attitude, and even environment in order to look at what scenes when they’re being moe in.  Take a measure of how their being moe really left behind a feeling of warmth from the character and their story and vote based on that.  It makes seemingly difficult contests like Hanyuu versus Ilya easier, because when Hanyuu was being moe she was mostly annoying – and likable for her berserk-non-moe-modo, whereas Ilya had legitmate reasons for what she was doing and how.  Vote based on moe, and not popularity.  Then remember Fate shouldn’t win two competitions, and needs to stop hanging out with my Nanoha-snuggles so much, and then revenge vote for Shana, even though stupid Rie Kugimiya fans wouldn’t know moe if it uguu’d them in the face.

Remember now…

There’s a reason you can abstain from a few votes…


ARENA 01: [Shana] Fate Testarossa
ARENA 02: [Fujibayashi Kyō] Ikaros
ARENA 03: Shiina Minatsu [Holo]
ARENA 04: Sakurano Kurimu [Takamachi Nanoha]
ARENA 05: Asahina Mikuru [Abstained] Konjiki no Yami
ARENA 06: Shiina Mafuyu [Aisaka Taiga]
ARENA 07: Sakagami Tomoyo [Katsura Hinagiku]
ARENA 08: Tōsaka Rin [Maria]
ARENA 09: [Izumi Konata] Akaba Chizuru
ARENA 10: C.C. [Hirasawa Yui]
ARENA 11: Nagato Yuki [Abstained] Senjōgahara Hitagi
ARENA 12: Akiyama Mio [Sanzen’in Nagi]
ARENA 13: [Illyasviel von Einzbern] Furude Hanyū
ARENA 14: Suzumiya Haruhi [Saber]
ARENA 15: Haramura Nodoka [Fujibayashi Ryō]
ARENA 16: Kushieda Minori [Okazaki Ushio]
ARENA 17: [Sengoku Nadeko] Furukawa Nagisa
ARENA 18: Hirasawa Ui [Fukuji Mihoko]
ARENA 19: Hiiragi Tsukasa [Abstained] Ibuki Fūko
ARENA 20: Nymph [Minami Chiaki]
ARENA 21: [Furude Rika] Saten Ruiko
ARENA 22: Nakano Azusa [Ichinose Kotomi]
ARENA 23: Misaka Mikoto [Hiiragi Kagami]
ARENA 24: Kawashima Ami [Sunohara Mei]
ARENA 25: [Saginomiya Isumi] Louise Vallière
ARENA 26: [Akeno Mihoshi] Noda Megumi


3 Responses to “ISML Heatin’ Up [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 darkslime
    March 22, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    I don’t know anything about moe yet I *still* understand that C.C. isn’t moe.


  2. March 23, 2010 at 1:58 AM

    After seeing the first round results, I can clearly see just about every non-moe character was voted for (even for braindead matches like Rika vs Saten), and that everyone was right about it being popularity bullshit, and someone is clearly trolling the shit out of these matches.

    Some of my faith in the anime community just completely died. I know it was a little bad last year – but some of this is just ridiculous. Mei losing to Amin? Ushio losing to Minorin? Looks like Rie Kugimiya bullshit/people who have only been watching anime for at most a year dominate the voting base now.

    Love is dead.

  3. 3 Ssuusshii
    March 23, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    I am a proud member of the anti-moe club. I am happy.

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