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Nanoha, I don’t remember teaching you how to use something like that…

Being computer-less recently, I only could find the computer time to write about one thing, and I wanted it to reflect a bit of a thank you for the LOYAL 100,000 hits we now have on the blog.  Despite this hardship, I thought my first post after 100,000 hits should be about my beloved daughter, Nanoha.  If you want to see the newest preview for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st, it’s been released by Doki subs and post up on animetake.

How the hell can I preview this in under a few minutes?

A lot of us have been fairly hype for the new Nanoha movie after hearing about it’s release, but the DVDs are still a ways off.  None the less, the new footage gives us a chance to really look at the new designs for the weaponry and the magical girl outfits in conjunction with the new art style.

I’m going to make you my friend.

Ultimately I’m not bothered by the new character designs.  I like the way the smaller faces contrast with the eyes and width of the cheeks showing the youth of the characters.  Seven Arcs is a fairly experienced anime studio and they decided to stick with that knowledge for making the movie.  You can’t blame them for not wanting to fuck up, and it looks like it payed off.

Look at the background detail.

The production values are much higher than the original series, but I’m just completely addicted to A’s art style.  The subtle differences in the faces and limbs of the characters are noticeable to me, but I can’t say this is any worse – just different.  In any event the animation quality itself is much better, likely thanks to an enormously higher budget (which no doubt payed for itself on the first week the movie aired).

Last time I checked 9 year olds don’t need golden-plated bra’s.

The only thing I can really hold against this movie are the clothing redesigns.  Rather than her trademark red ribbon, it looks like Nanoha has a Starmie on her chest.  I miss her red ribbon (especially since the first episode of A’s is my favorite in the whole series, having that epic scene where Vita drills through Nanoha’s ribbon, destroying her barrier jacket), so I wonder how they’ll handle that scene in the future if they make a movie retelling of A’s with the same style.


The special effects are definitely top tier.  Beam Spam, weapon attacks, transformation effects – all these things are key hallmarks of a magical girl series that Nanoha set the bar for (Yes, Nanoha, not Card Captor Sakura.  Mostly all Sakura ever did was change clothes.)  I don’t think we’ll find a boring second in the movie when it’s released.

“Photon Lancer Get Set”

I also think the weapon redesigns are better, but not very representative of the original series.  The weapons look better and have more accessories than Strikers, as opposed to Nanoha’s simple stave in the original.  Regardless, I’m not worried about this, because that means for the movie 2nd they’ll just look even more fucking crazy/amazing.  Praying for an A’s retelling.

All Sakura could do was get cards to this for her.

For me, Nanoha has always been the number one magical girl series.  Nanoha is to Card Captor Sakura in the same way Shuffle is to Love Hina.  Did Love Hina set the standard, the archetype, and way Harems in the future would be looked at?  Yes, but a few years later Shuffle was the best rendition of that style, raised the animation standard for anime in general, and set the bar for all harems in the future.  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha does the same thing for magical girl series, and being able to get a modern rendition of the series  is a blessing as an Otaku.  Further more, I think some studios will be looking at what they can do for more special effects.  I’m looking at you, Sunrise.

Of course, it’s generally noted that A’s is the better of the two Nanoha series, since the first four or so episodes of the original Nanoha are generally boring, have various art styles, and was somewhat of an experimental spin-off of triangle heart.  The movie should be great for the series, since now I can simply show potential fans this movie once it’s released instead of making them chug through the original, low-production first season of the series.

As a side note, I’m sure it’s seems pretty slow around here lately after our posting frenzy back in Feb, but with midterms come and gone (and me without a computer for spring break) – in combination with Darkslime recovering from sickness, its been hard for me to find a computer to download the last couple episodes of Sora no Oto to download and review (I have been meaning to this for a while).  Try to expect that later this week.  Until then you can click the International Saimoe link on the right and keep voting for my adorable little Nanoha-snuggles ;3

3 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st PV (100,000 Hits!) [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 2 ALTER
    March 13, 2010 at 6:31 AM

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they had intended on doing A’s. Can’t wait for A’s in movie form, I wonder if they’ll sync the entire battle with Brave Phoenix again. I haven’t watched any previews of the movie yet I’ve decided not to so I can watch it in it’s full form. Aaaa, I can’t even wait for the movie to come out on Blue-ray. Good luck on Sora no Woto, also did you know the director for Elfin Lied and the writer for Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome were doing Sora no Woto?

  2. March 16, 2010 at 12:28 AM

    No I didn’t, thanks for the neat little piece of information.

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