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Mine want get!

Not bad this winter~

So, I know the past comiket is old news, and I very much regret (in some ways) not covering it this past season.  Comiket coverage is one of my favorite things to blog about it, but it became very much impossible this past season (and possibly the next ;_;).  The good news is, next Comiket we will likely have live coverage since Darkslime will be there.  That being said, since we get so much content it’s impossible to not have at least one post about it.

These guys need a better logo for all the stuff that goes on here…

In some ways this method of posting about Comiket isn’t so bad.  The heart of news (blogging or otherwise) in America is to post about something interesting and post about it first, but this doesn’t really apply to otaku bloggers.  Since there’s so much material to sort through, and you only really keep 3-12 of that 500 gigs you manage to download, we can really see what’s worth remembering from Comiket 77.

So, the post isn’t as big as I wanted it to be, but I broke it up into three main categories.  Outside of these major categories, I don’t have any particular ordering.

1. Doujinshi

How to build Gundam 2?! (Drawn by Pussy Cat)

Proving it once with Saimoe, and again at this Comiket – Saki is extremely popular in Japan.  Most of my plunders consisted of about 30-40% Saki, and another 20-30% of Railgun(18+).  I’ve noticed that with japanese Otaku, the most popular/hyped things of the time tend to effect their trends the strongest; while a lot of foreign Otaku tend to stick with what they’ve known the longest and don’t expand outside of their niche likings very much, just checking through what they find each season.  While there are obvious exceptions to this, I would of liked to see more from the Doujinshi section.  There’s always a few favorites that stick around though, but I was most surprised to find a KOS-MOS doujin (18+), from the long past Xenosaga series.

Here’s my favorite art-book from C77 (18+, but beautiful), featuring a lot of individual shots, including our Hayate-looking girl above.

2. Doujin Games

Lt. Commander Reinforce, reporting for duty!~

Fly-system totally dominated the Doujin-Game release category as far as I’m concerned – with their release of Magical Battle Arena COMPLETE FORM and their announcement of Elemental Battle Academy (dat tummy).  The Magical Battle Arena net-play has needed some serious fixes, and fly-system went all out on it – improving net-play lag, adding a ranking system, and adding one final character to their Magical Battle Arena cast – Adult Fate Testarossa.  Whether the whole series until now has been a test for the engine to be used in their original Elemental Battle Academy is a cause for some speculation, but Complete Form rankings are up and running.  The release is standalone (meaning you don’t need the other Magical Battle Arenas circa C75 to play it), and you could probably find it on Hongfire or through other means.

3. Doujin Music


I wasn’t very impressed with the usually great music releases for this Comiket.  UI-70’s CD felt like a remix of their previous CDs, and several groups including WAVE didn’t have a release for this winter.  A full list of the C77 releases can be found here.  By far the most interesting album I found was East New Sound’s Sacred Factor, but I can’t say if I like it or not.  It was a fresh approach to music I expect from doujin artists, so kudos to them.  That being said, I didn’t have any particular favorite, but the above pic is the cover art for Alice’s Emotion Sphere Calibur.  The album wasn’t especially good, but the sound effects they used are pretty notable and I just happen to like the cover art.

I’m sure Darkslime will will be updating his music list to include what was released at C77 and maybe an arrangement or two, so I’ll just leave you with this little mini-Cirno drama by Innocent Key that he doesn’t like too much.  Made me laugh.

Feel free to post your thoughts/own findings on the past comiket or join in the discussion at irc.rizon.net at #comiket.


2 Responses to “Comiket 77 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 mizore
    February 18, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    “Come over to my place and we’ll play melty and keep track of C77!” he said.

    Good times

  2. 2 komidol
    February 18, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    I won’t lie, A Melty Blood New Year (Me finishing off the last of my former New Year’s resolution) played a big part in not covering C77 this past season. https://komidol.wordpress.com/2009/01/01/its-a-fightan-game-new-year/ As predicted, 2009 was a very – very – very good year for fighting games, but I can see how much better I got and how differently I view fighting games from that post a year ago. The only that hasn’t changed pretty much is that I still Love Kohaku, haha.

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