Site Changes!: Side Bars and Links (Support くーげる :3!) [Orange Farm Archive]

Hey those weren’t there before…

I thought I’d take some time out to explain all our seemingly over-night appearing sidebars that now populate the blog.

To make a long story short, Darkslime wanted to add one so everyone knew about the Touhou competition, and possibly some other Touhou ones, and we went a little crazy with them and here we are.  Don’t fret, their not random links nor are we making any money off them.  We just want to help spread the word about the official Japanese sites for the doujin groups we write about a lot or enjoy to help you guys keep up yourselves on certain groups or projects.  You can click on the banners on the right to lead to each groups site.

The biggest part of our coverage has always been about the community reaction to recent anime or new works fan groups are producing.  Most preferably, the latter.  So we carefully decided to pick and choose what we wanted to add on there, and came up with the following.  Here’s a short explanation of each group:

There’s a few sections, most of them Touhou related; but first up is the current section:

First is the Touhou popularity contest.  A post about how to vote in it exists here, but sadly the time to vote has already past.  This one was already taken down, but I mention it because it’s what started this whole sidebar business.

Next is the ISML voting section, to vote for your favorite moe character of 2010 (includes the previous year as entrants).  This will run for the rest of February.

Not even going to try and explain this one on the level Darkslime can.

And for our general Touhou section: (Hey!? Why am I writing this section, Darkslime!?!)

The official Touhou developer page.  All official Touhou news will come from here.

Tasofro is responsible for the Touhou fighting games, including IaMP (7.5), SWR(10.5) and 12.3; as well as popular favorites such as Patchcon!, Super Marisa Land, and MegaMari.  I like to keep tabs on them for 12.3 patches and keep lookout for any new upcoming projects.

This is a link to the Japanese Touhou Wiki. The link to the english one is right under it, which IMO has a lot more information – games, characters, derivative works, artists, you name it – but they don’t have a banner for themselves, so…

As for our supported doujinshi sections…

For right now we only have Mr. くーげる, or Kugel’s art page.  Since I haven’t talked about this artist yet, I really want to take the opportunity to mention him.  If you click the link on the right, you’ll be directed to his main page.  After entering, you can enter the “diary” section.  You’ll be directed to the current half of the month he’s in the progress of drawing.  Essentially, this artist basically takes a few minutes out of each day to draw a character portrait every single day.  You can see the links on the bottom (two for each month) to see how his art has evolved over the last few years.  Since the Orange Farm loves those LOYAL artists, I can’t help but mention someone who takes the time out of each day to make a portrait like that.


Kugel’s original character EX-ICE Zero is very cute, and you can download a whole sprite pack of her from his page.  Each day he’ll normally draw a picture of her or a random Touhou character, but once in a blue moon he’ll draw other characters or something mecha-related.  I know for sometime he was drawing a lot of the Saki cast, so it’s a surprise each day of what you can get.  Something very cool to check out everyday.  Again, the link is on the right.

Getting back on track though, most of the links you’ll see are from our doujin music section.

I won’t write something about each band, since this is largely Darkslime’s pet project, but I will say these are the artists to look for each Comiket.  Most of the more popular Touhou arrangements are done by the above authors and it’s a good source if you want to do some independent-exploration on each band.

Following them, we have our doujin game developers.

I’ve followed fly-system mostly for their creation of Magical Battle Arena (since I needed a new Doujin group after Melty Blood became mainstream), and they’re still producing new works.  Most notably I’m looking forward to their release of Elemental Battle Academy, but you can read more about that in my Comiket 77 post tomorrow.  More about Fly-System can be found in my post tomorrow, along with a lot of the groups in this thread today.

As you guys know, I’m the main director of a translation project that’s currently on hold for Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara.  None the less, I still like to keep a look on what pandadanpa puts out as they work on continuing the series.  I’ll have to make a post about our progress on that in the near future…

And the rest:

BANG, BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Okay, so they didn’t do that song but one of their former singers did.  Great group, none the less.)

Type-Moon is one of the few things all of our authors on this blog enjoy, so we’d figure we’d throw the official page to show we’re advent supporters of the works.  Nasuology is a complex art we will help you master…

When we cover Comiket each season a lot of music comes in the form only Foobar can play.  Despite that, we don’t use it just because it’s the only one that can play .tta and .tak files, but because it’s interface is incredibly customizable, lightweight, and extremely functional.  There is no better music player than foobar, and you’re missing out big time if you use anything else.  We wholly support it’s use with it’s capability to play and convert to and from mp3, flak, tta, tak, cue, ogg, and a billion other audio types.

Finally, Darkslime made our own Orange Farm sidebar you can link too.  We really like the use of these sidebars, so if you would link to us using this banner, we would really appreciate it.  You don’t need our permission to use it, and feel free to make your own so you can use them too.


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