Sora no (W)oto 01 [Orange Farm Archive]

A flat…what a wonderful…

Dat uniform!

Military dramas have always been a favorite of mine.  A command structure, from personal experience of serving on top of one for several years is difficult to maintain and very fun to be in.  Balancing responsibility and obligation with command is an endearing task but it has it’s rewards.  So So-Ra-No-Wo-To starts us off with the bottom of the barrel Pvt. Sorami Kanata.  I have no doubts that soon Japans entire military will look exactly like the picture above.

Give it a few decades.  Lets recheck in 2020.

Drooling on duty!?

Sorami herself has been compared to Yui, but I think she’s a lot different.  She’s grown up in a much different environment, making her character take on an entirely different trait list.  I think the only thing Yui and Sorami share is that they’re both young and a tad naive.  When you’re young, you have no idea what you’re good at, so they share somethings but I think comparison of the characters is ultimately a stretch that’s a little too long.

…is only found in a T-34

I think this episode flowed really well.  Episodes ones of anime are notorious for being pretty bad in general.  I think the industry is getting better with this old stereotype.  I liked the little bits with the supporting characters, but they do a good job of focusing the story.  I’ve never been into A-1 really, but if they do well with this, they may enter the playing field for major animation studios.  I didn’t like the random montages, but overall it was just a good episode.

…Except for the random montages.

Pretty cool scenery you spent your money on there.  There seems to be a big uninteresting back-story behind this town and the base, but I hope they keep the plot largely to character development.  I don’t know if I can handle a ton of weird scenes.  None the less, I can’t say it broke the flow, it just felt weird.  “Oh they’re doing this now…” sort of thing.  It threw off the engagement of the episode and brought out my meta-watching mindset where I’m trying to think what the animation studio is trying to accomplish by doing this.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any reasonable amount of time, you know I always try to think what the author/studio has in mind when they’re making these episodes.  Except KyoAni.  I never have any idea what those people are thinking other than “How can we troll our viewers this week?”

Don’t eat the special jam-u~….

So they’re buying off the hype from K-On’s art style and setup.  I hope it doesn’t flop and the plot stays as relatively in depth as it is now.  I think A-1 is bringing in a certain audience, but planning to surprise them.  I haven’t ready any source but I expect this to actually be an enjoyable story.  Which of course means I’m implying there will be a story.

Please let there be a story.

5 Responses to “Sora no (W)oto 01 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 fattierob
    January 10, 2010 at 2:19 AM

    Looks nothing like a T-34

    Given the short(er) barrel length but larger caliber combine with a large turret, I’d say it’s more of a tank destroyer or fortification siege weapon (although the short(er) barrel would reduce it’s potential accuracy).


    The best I could find that even looks somewhat like it

  2. 2 Spectator
    January 14, 2010 at 4:18 AM

    Please let there be a story.

    There is one, but you called it uninteresting a few paragraphs ago.

  3. 3 ALTER
    January 14, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    Well I’m a bit late for this post. Who the hell cares least I’m here right? Alright, so the second episode for this is out. Yet, here I wait for plot and etc. I get more slice of life, but more foreshadowing and things to speculate about. Waiting for the story to unveil itself, but what am I to do while I wait? Should I just touch on the surface and call it moeshit? Not yet its only episode two. Nanoha got good around episode 4, alright, so it seems you’ve only touched on the surface of episode one Orange-kun…

    Guess I’ll throw out some stuff for food for thought.

    Episode one, take a look at the scenery for the town it does look like it can be set in World War II. The tank the “T-34” you say does not match that. While rocket and jet development did begin in World War II it didn’t really start until the Cold War. That breaks the first impression of the time period. Which would be fine, its an anime time and development don’t need to match up with the real world. But, there are more inconsistencies. Episode two is out revealing more but hey this is an episode one post so I’ll keep it as episode one fun stuff. In the lore about the fire maidens they pan the camera to the tank “Borrowing the power of a giant spider” guess this implies the tank can walk. OH LOOK EPISODE 2. Field a treaded tank? nah this one walks. Fortress is surrounded by cliffs after all.

    We don’t even have walking tanks. Another scene, Sorami falls into the water and sees the winged demon…. Maybe who knows she could have been hallucinating from fear at that point. Which wouldn’t be too far-fetched considering she just fell from a cliff, just heard a legend about the demon, is lonely, and wet.

    Sorami also says her inspiration for joining the military is to learn music? Strange… I thought music was for recreational purposes. The social norm would be to learn music outside of the military, but be inspired to join. In this case the blond lady in the beginning. But it seems music playing is only being taught in the military? Goes to show a cultural difference. What could have caused it is the question? Just an anime? Overthinking it, maybe? But it gives me something to do.

    A speculative conclusion can be drawn here. This anime does not take place during WWII, but far far in the future. But technology and the social norms are anachronistic what caused this? The war. I imagine the world might have been bombed back into the dark ages, not that surprising really. They mention an armistice too… bomb world back into dark ages causes armistice, probably. What if the warring nations actually ran out of competent soldiers to use and therefore called an armistice?

  4. 4 ALTER
    January 14, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    Also the rocket and jet development I reference on the tank means I’m referring to the anti-air missile launchers on the sides of it. God that thing looks awesome, like a baneblade… with missile launchers. I bet the turret is a lascannon too.

  5. 5 fattierob
    January 15, 2010 at 12:30 AM

    Spider tank? Now i’m interested. Cause, although totally a silly idea for a combat tank, still looks awesome.

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