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General Christmas Post and KnK review~

When I realized that this opening wasn’t symbolism and where the pictures were from in the movie I FFFFFFFFFFF‘d.

You’re not allowed to speak those words.

Missed the competitive Ryougi-personality.  Throughout all the movies I definitely enjoyed her character the most in the two murder speculations.  They raised a lot about why she is the way she is, and ultimately her broken outcast persona is best explained and resolved by the final movie.  Since she is the protagonist, I found it fitting, but also lacking in the amazement the other movies had.  Too bad her twin personality is actually a boy, or I’d say it’s the most attractive…

Damnit, Nasu…messing with me…

People die when they are…

Oh right, he knows.  Carry on then.

I swear I’ve seen someone like her before…

True insanity.  In contrast to Leo, Ryougi legitimately does not exist normally within society.  Her origin, the void, desire the death of others – the absence of all society and structure.  KnK in general might be seen as a giant symbol for fighting against your destined fate.  In the end, Ryougi achieves happiness through Mikiya, never intent on killing anyone.  Even though she kills Leo, Mikiya shoulders the sin in her place, so she can die as a human being.  Ryougi completely goes against everything she was meant to be, everything she originally wanted; and still finds happiness.  I wish we knew a little more about Nasu so we can see where this all comes from, but I’m sure some viewer will take it to heart.  I won’t.  I like the corrupt sides of me a little too much, with no one important enough to me to contradict it.

It’s bad when it’s that much, you know?

Still not sure why Touko is a smoker.  Maybe it’s meant to represent someone who accepts what their origin says they are?  Leo also smokes towards the end, so there might be a correlation there.    Neither Touko nor Leo share a significant other in their lives as well.  I’m not a smoker, but I think this is the mindset most people have.  Do what you’re good at, like it, and accel at it.  Contrary to nature is our own civilization and ability to live with others.  Touko, and most adults, keep this moderation in mind.  Leo doesn’t.  Fortunately for Mikiya, his origin, normality, runs parallel with the society that’s built – making him a polar opposite to Ryougi.  And Azaka.

I’d like to run into young Ryougi walking into a bamboo forest at night…

If you haven’t taken a long walk in the early morning (between 2-4am) in a suburban or forest like area, I strongly recommend it.  Visit someplace that’s filled with people during the day and completely empty at night.  When I was younger (rather dangerous now that I think about it), I used to take long walks like these to ponder myself, my thoughts, and own actions.  Try sitting on a swing at the age of 15 and thinking about how blank your world really is.  It’s really devastating a thought; but not for Ryougi.  Ryougi’s problem is that she can never completely be alone, especially when Mikiya starts stalking her room at night as seen in the second movie.  Probably the reason she want to kill him.


Not sure how I feel about Leo.  He reminds me of my angsty teen stage when I was about 15.  Totally genocidal, endorses killing (or slaughtering, as this movie so distinctly noted the difference), but can’t really gain any satisfaction or acceptance for his nature.  I think it’s an interesting character but a totally horrible antagonist.  I enjoyed Ryougi’s battle with herself moreso than Leo’s bat-shit insanity and stalking.  Again, I can see why it was done, it’s fitting – I just wish there was more to it.

Back to the good characters.

Who would ignore that!?

<3 Tsuntsun mode Azaka.  I wish she got more than a couple lines this episode.  Seriously wanted to see another confrontation between her and Ryougi.  Definitely my favorite Type-Moon tsundere.

Why does this old man have more lines than Azaka?!

Grandfather-figure makes a good point.  Pretty strong thing to tell a kid – they’ll remember it their whole lives and never be able to say anything back.  Wonderful thing about having kids I’d imagine is being able to leave a large imprint of non-negotiable knowledge, culture, and wisdom.  It’s comforting to not always have to have the adult conversation and need to defend what you do or say.  Neat side-character idea, Nasu.

*Holds Nosebleed*

Ryougi’s family seems pretty messed up.  Watching people die, being trained life or death sword tactics, expectations as the heir of the Ryougi clan…breaks my heart seeing that sad/confused loli-ryougi face.


And after some final exposition, the epic final battle scene!  Gotta credit ufotable for their excellent season-shots throughout the movies (and animation in general).  I always found seasonal shots to hit home the most, and really bring a viewer into the animation.  That reminds me, while you guys rewatch some reindeer crap, I’ll be re-watching Kanon.  Spending time with my cousin, Nayuki, on Christmas should be quite enjoyable.

“I will get one good set of lines in this series…

Probably my favorite scene involving Mikiya in the entire series.  Seriously stepped up and did the only thing he could do, present the normality of society to Leo.  For someone like Leo, looking for acknowledgment of his insanity these words were probably the most disgusting thing Leo could of heard.  To this day I’m still upset when I acknowledge myself as relatively normal since I can still communicate with others on a normal and logical scale.  The good news is, people are finding me less and less normal as of late ;3

Spoilers: Mikiya dies.

Notice how the knife cuts down and not into his head.  Leo probably inadvertently saved his life by doing this.  Losing too much blood probably saved Mikiya from the amount of drugs he was overdosed with, allowing him to live.


Looks like a twisted mix of Roa and Warachia.  Glad to see to the very end we were introduced with more Type-Moon character prototypes.  This is pretty much the only successful Type-Moon anime project every done.  Canaan got sorta stale towards the end, and I never really felt connected with the characters.  The F/SN anime was a horrible mix of the routes, convoluting the main stories in conjunction with bad voice actors and they still haven’t made a Tsukihime anime.  Outside of that Spanish fan dub.

I wonder if Nasu ever indulged in a large amount of narcotics.

Drugs don’t work that way, Nasu.

If he did you might think this scene would be a little more realistic.

Holy shit, sweet rave party!

Can’t wait to see how this pregnancy works out.

Good end.  Doesn’t feel like true end, I would of preferred it if Mikiya died.  Would of made the upcoming epilogue more interesting.  Nasu really likes good endings with sakura blossoms, one of the few traditional things about his writings.  For someone who can make so many bad ends, I would’ve liked to see an alternate ending.  Maybe in the future, when Type-Moon runs low on money they’ll press the big red button.  Type-Moon’s big red button is the “get us out of financial debt-card”.  Nasu and Takeuchi each have a key, and need to both use them to open the container for the big red button.  Once pressed, the following will be released:  A Tsukhime anime animated by ufotable, Ilya and Sacchin H-routes, 5 new characters for Melty Blood, an alternate route for KnK ending, and a ton of merchandise to go with it all.

Just throwing this out there.

Haven’t been writing a lot recently due to a hand-crush injury.  Totally can’t type with half of my right hand, nor can I play fighting games (very well).  I’ll try to get at least one post out a day for Comiket but I’ll largely be relying on Darkslime for the majority of C77.  Since Comiket will have a ton of Touhou, I don’t think there will be a shortage of things to write about into a new year.  On new year’s we’ll be looking at some of the stuff hitting the field for 2010, and taking a look at first picks for the winter anime season.  I hope it doesn’t suck as hard as Fall has, the last few weeks on the anime stage have been pretty boring in particular.

School-girl Santa Tsundere get!

Finally, a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it today.  I was expecting to get this post out yesterday, but this’ll have to do.  My favorite holiday is New Years, so look for a little more enthusiasm around that time.  I think I’ve done my job for my New Year’s Resolution in 2009, though.  I’ll look forward to the comments as we finish off the year by entering comiket-77 modo!


2 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai 7 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. January 1, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    Unfortunately full coverage sort of flopped due to holidays and my injury, me and Darkslime will both make posts about our Comiket gatherings later this week.

  2. January 4, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Sorry to hear about your hand, Kom. I am slowly working my way through the balance of KnK, and am continually intrigued by its non-linear storytelling. More for you when I finish the whole thing (only up to episode 4).

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