Descending into December [Orange Farm Archive]

The past month hasn’t been all that exciting on the Otaku homefront – giving us more reason to get hype for the holidays.

Week 1) NEC

Nanaya scrubs got replaced, yo…

I know not everyone here is a big melty blood fan, but for the record I’ll be kicking off the month with the long-awaited North East Championship X.  Even though Battle By The Gazeebo is a precious part of the Melty Blood community, NECX is the first major fighting game tournament (and the 2nd biggest in the US, next to EVO, as far as I know), to feature Melty Blood.  This is going to be the largest and most hype Melty Blood tournament yet, and with about 72 people pre-registered and months of training – everyone will be showing off their best.  If by some miracle I hit top 8, watch me on the stream.

Week 2) KnK 7

Full Moon Mode 「九字兼定」

The long awaited Kara no Kyoukai 7 will be arriving.  This one supposedly links itself to 2 (my favorite when it came out), and 5 and 6 have been nothing but hype.  There’s no reason not to get psyched for a KnK movie, so whip out your Kuji Kanesada and get hype.  Time for Shiki to face herself.  Though, I think her alternate personality (brother-thing) was a lot sexier when it was in her body ;_;

Week 3) Holiday Season

Look at some of these and think – this is the first image the producer wanted you to have of this anime.  Then laugh.

Yes, vacations start so catch up on your all anime and get hype for the winter season.  Fall was sub-par at best, so I’m glad to see this one on it’s way out (just about a month left).  Military K-ON and Shaft’s Vampire groove seems to look half-way decent.  I always let the community decide my harem’s, slice of life, and comedy animes since the large glump of bad ones that come out every season get filtered out within a week or two.  Than again, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one *still* following Blacksmith.

Week 4) Comiket 77

The Orange Farm will be going into Comiket Modo, are you ready?


1 Response to “Descending into December [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 Indi
    December 1, 2009 at 7:20 PM

    … Chu-Bra? Really?

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