Gensou Shoujo Taisen Scarlet [Orange Farm Archive]

Dear blog, I think my dreams just came true.

That’s right, a SRW-styled Touhou game, brought to you by Sanbondou(http://sanbondo.blog81.fc2.com/). Now, you may say that Touhou SRPGs have been done, but this one looks and even sounds just like Alpha Gaiden for the PS1. The user interface is mostly the same, and it’s like they took the soundfont from Alpha and arranged the theme songs for it!

Now, this may not look like any Battle Moon Wars, but this looks pretty awesome nonetheless(though that may be just because I’m a huge SRW fan, as you all know).  Rather than Alpha or Alpha Gaiden, it resembles the even older SRW F, especially on the map screen.

So here’s some info for you guys. There are three separate difficulties to choose from and, haha, they’re named after SRW games. Normal is Alpha, Hard is Alpha Gaiden, and Lunatic is  – of course – F Final. It seems there’s a short tutorial explaining most of the gameplay. For those familiar with SRW, there’s a couple unique systems. First, as you can see in the screenshot above, the enemy fairies’ movement range are all being shown at once. This is the graze system. While I can’t really figure out all the details, apparently the specific range from the enemy you’re at can give different effects if you choose to try and evade attacks. When you graze, it still does damage, but only a tiny bit.

The second system is the spellcard system.

It appears that when you defeat a boss enemy, they activate spellcard(s). Essentially, the enemy’s attacks will be strengthened/changed, and just as in regular Touhou, they’ll have more than one spellcard.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from the battle sequence.

Amusing things: Cirno’s Gunbuster pose, Keine’s music(haha TROMBE), Nitori’s Altron-esque extending claws, and Daiyousei’s theme music(actually it’s incredible). EDIT — Oh, forgot to mention that “A” for “Ace Pilot Bonus” on the pilot status screen is now the kanji for “wife”. …:(

The battle animations are pretty loyal to SRW F, too, which may come as a disappointment to those of you who’ve spoiled yourselves on BMW. Oldschool fans, this is for you.

To wrap it up, they should have a demo out at Comiket 77. Man what a great winter this is going to be…

Here’s the video in any case: 【ニコニコ動画】【東方】東方をスパロボ風のゲームにしてみた その4【スパロボ】

As a side note, sorry for lack of Touhou news, everyone. Been pretty damn busy as of late, you know the drill.


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