Touhou News 2009.11.07 + Weekly Arrangements IX [Orange Farm Archive]

Catching up with Final Fantasy on that weekly arrangements number…! Also, I’d like to point you guys to a Google site I’ve put up for random crap. I put links to all the weekly arrangement packs there, and I’m probably going to move the Touhou Music List there as well. Check it out.



○ Official News

None this week~

○ Fanbase News

──────── Mokou, Aya, Yuyuko, and Nitori Skins for Team Fortress 2 Revised
Some quick revisions, but important nonetheless!

──────── Touhou BGM Extractor/Modifier ver1.4.2 Released
For those of you that want to rip the songs, or otherwise replace them with your own(if you’re into that kind of thing). Remember, no technical support from me~

──────── VGMDB Podcast – Comiket 76 Music
An English-language piece of news! The awesome people over at VGMDB did their latest podcast on Touhou music selections from Comiket 76, so go check it out~

──────── Patchy and Alice Demo Video
Someone created an NES game about Patchouli and Alice. TAS(which I can only guess stands for tool-assisted run) uploaded a video of him playing through it. It’s amusing for a few minutes so if you’re bored give it a look XD

──────── UTG Software Releases Suwako Metronome Game
You have to make Suwako jump over the needle on the metronome. lolwut. The needle does some crazy shit as you go along. Download link is in green.

○ Weekly Arrangements: 2009-XX

Got some NES-style arrangements, a trancy/club version of UFO’s Stage 1 theme by Kanpyo, and even a Maiden Satori based on the image of Lupin and the Pink Panther(only available at the website actually). Also of note are Hanaya’s arrangements, Analyze’s version of Beloved Tomboy, and two more high-speed arrangements from mocchie.

Here is the link to the pack.

Banner Arranger Song Name Source
Usakichi-Mu Usakichi the Last Judgement FC-style Touhou Kaikidan – Stage 5 Theme
Usakichi-Mu Usakichi Sleepless Night in the Eastern Country FC-style Sleepless Night in the Eastern Country
Usakichi-Mu Usakichi Casket of Star Casket of Star
Usakichi-Mu Usakichi Romancing Locked Girl Locked Girl
Kanpyo In the Shadow of Spring – Cosmic extended In the Shadow of Spring
Hanaya Illusion Night Ghostly Eyes
Hanaya Septette for the Dead Princess Septette for the Dead Princess
Hanaya Wind God Girl Wind God Girl
Hanaya Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon History of the Moon
coro Nostalgic Eastern Blood ~ old World Old World
Between Pathos and Passion Tetoteto Mysterious Maiden Satori Third Eye (available at link)
Yuusuke Ouka Banquet of the Black Curtain Medley
Mitokon Super Rationalistic State ~ Counterfeit Elysium Candid Friend
Yuko Kunon Love-Colored Master Spark Love-Colored Master Spark (with score!)
Usi Masakari Beloved Tomboy Beloved Tomboy
K’s Guitar Shop Chamame Eastern Old Blood Old World (available at link)
Futepen Smoke to the moon Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
mocchie Big Sister’s Skyscraper Cosmic Mind
mocchie The Gatekeeper Who Dozes Off for 17% Of Her Job Shanghai Alice in Meiji 17

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