A Certain Judgemental Backstory 5 [Orange Farm Archive]


I debated whether or this post’s catch-line should be “Kicking this week off with a bolt!” or “Some shocking backstory!”

I think my front page headers need some work.


Push-ups, J.C. Staff?  You’ve outdone yourself this time *_*

Sorry the Railgun post is a bit late this week; as I mentioned in my BMW post, I was away at the Melty Blood tournament Battle By the Gazeebo in NYC this weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised to return home to some Kuroko backstory.  I absolutely love Kuroko’s personality, and seeing her develop is my primary reason for watching Railgun.


Determined DFC returns again.

I find Kuroko as a character attractive in every way.  I think I have a daughter complex and narcissism complex.  The first thing I look for in a character are traits that relate to myself.  Kuroko is determined, aggressive, and passionate.  What more could you ask for in a daughter, friend, or lover?  I’m all for support, but whether it be friends, family, or love interest – I always look for an equal relationship.  I’m not madly in love with her, but Kuroko could fill any general-female role I have open in my life.  I guess you could say she’s my type. 


A good sense of fashion, too.

Living in a world with a lot of expectations and early exposure to realistic situations can really lead you to live in a different world from those around you.  Seeing things as they are from a young age has a dramatic impact in the structure a personality is built for years to come.  I feel this is something people like Kuroko and I share.  We’re naturally bonded by an understanding of our intentions and honest nature.  Kuroko learns early on life-threatening situations and grows her definitions of right and wrong.  She struggles with her lack of ability and uses that as motivation to advance her skills further as time goes on.  Kuroko can not only take advantage of a situation, but find her own role in it.  Crazy development, if you ask me.  It’s easy for anyone who’s had a tough life to reflect on Kuroko and see her hardships – where as people less familiar with her character may be inspired to find their own place and motivation. 



Those perceptive and understanding of the aforementioned emotions can form very strong bonds and loyal friendships to those as passionate as Kuroko.  Basically, the premise of this entire show.



“You put what in my water?”

The best part of being a kid is being able to show your emotions without restraint.  Anime in general always does an explicitly good job of showing character reactions, a polar opposite of the typical Japanese person who is normally very introverted.  You might say this is a large reason of why Otaku are disliked in Japan.  Professionalism and being an adult to most people is being able to hold back emotions that would ruin an otherwise favorable situation to get what you want.  I don’t live by this social-law.  What I try to do is show my emotions in a more productive way – in my experience the people with the best charisma have this capability.  Though generally, being around close friends is the best since you don’t need to play to any sort of complex social atmosphere.  The fact that Kuroko shows her frustration around Misaka means she really, truly, trusts her.  The degree of honesty between these two is envious, to say the least.


Yup.  Sorry.

So let me take this moment to explain why I absolutely hate Uiharu.  If there’s anything I learned from Index it’s that almost every high-level esper (with the possible exception of Accelerator) worked very hard to get where they are.  Even Misaka started off as a level 1.  Uiharu emits this sort of “I-can’t-do-anything-protect-me” sort of aura.  She doesn’t try very hard to develop her own abilities.  Like Shiori from Kanon, she keeps most things to herself and tries not to project it on others, when she could be spending her time trying to make herself more useful.  The difference is, at least Shiori has some incurable disease that makes her helpless whereas Uiharu is just flat out useless.  I’m sure she’ll develop some sort of ability in the series which will make her slightly more bearable, but her psuedo-dedication (based on emotional responses) and lack of priority or direction makes me dislike this character to no end.



Perceptive, though.



I wonder if Kuroko is an only child.  I think there are some general traits built into people who are put into adult situations at a younger age (something natural with only children).  Kuroko knows what the end result of her training is and tries to find other adventure in her life.  Her reactions to Misaka show her desire for a no-worries relationship where all is fun and forgiven.  I guess what I’m trying to surmise in this post is that I like Kuroko because she keeps things unpredictable and moving in her own way.  There’s a lot to learn from a character that always looks for adventure and I hope others might be able to learn from Kuroko what I learned long ago:  It’s okay to be reckless, selfish, outgoing, and forward.  As long as you aren’t critically hurting others along the way, you need to find what’s best for yourself and put everything you have behind it.



Kuroko’s life-on-the-line job and morals grew her passion early on.  Kuroko grew into an adult atmosphere when she was younger, and naturally grew slightly more immature with age.  The reason for that being – when one’s life is very serious at a young age they tend to desire a more carefree life in their adult days.  The same is true for myself and my beautiful waifu Kohaku.  Misaka no doubt finds that lack of seriousness to be annoying since she is just starting to grow into her adult persona, whereas Kuroko is just growing out of it.  I think this is a common theme for people with a lot of long-term exposure to responsibility.


Kuroko is far from perfect and she isn’t a character that just anyone might appreciate.  Mistakes allow a good supporting character to shine and show their true nature.  You do know the original slogan for The Orange Farm is “For all of us broken supporting characters!” – right?



I felt this post was necessary to make (twice infact, since my original thousand word version of it got deleted by wordpress…) since a lot of people in the blogosphere tend to misunderstand Kuroko, treating her as a foolish, yuri-loving, static supporting character.  I believe Kuroko’s affection for Misaka is often misconstrued.  Kuroko is affectionate for Misaka because she most likely admires and respects her personality, abilities, and nature (especially since Misaka’s level supercede’s her own and she is very kind-natured).  That being said, I have no doubt Kuroko would show the same support to all her friends, given the chance.


“It’s orange juice, want some?”

After all, that’s what true loyalty is all about.


6 Responses to “A Certain Judgemental Backstory 5 [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. November 3, 2009 at 12:56 AM

    Your involved examinations of “side” characters are why I come. Well, that and darkslime’s snarky comments. Epic post. ^^;

  2. November 3, 2009 at 7:56 AM

    I just wish the original was there. This is a shadow of the former glory that WordPress destroyed! Happy I had enough patience to recall most of it, Kuroko deserves it.

  3. November 3, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    Great job on Kuroko’s character analysis there! I couldn’t have said it better myself. :D

    Same with you, I’d like people to understand Kuroko and not simply label her based on what they’ve seen of her personality during the early episodes (It’s too soon to pass judgment anyway). Whilst I do have some tiny issues with regards to how J.C.Staff changed some of her more admirable traits from the original source, they’ve been doing an excellent job on her chara development so far. In the near future, I hope to see them showing more of what truly makes her awesome. Kuroko isn’t my favorite Railgun character for nothing. :3

  4. November 3, 2009 at 5:51 PM

    Could you give me more info on what they changed exactly? I’d be interested in knowing, I don’t read source material (albeit visual novels) very often.

  5. November 4, 2009 at 3:16 AM

    I think the most significant one is Kuroko’s maturity based on what I’ve observed from the Railgun manga and Index novels. I’ve come across a few comments all over the net branding Kuroko along the lines of being an annoying brat because of how the Anime writers portrayed her, mainly in Episode 2. She can be selfish when it comes to her Oneesama, but the Anime over-exaggerated it to the point of making her look like a kid who’s prone to throwing fits when things don’t go her way. Also, her sense of responsibility as a Judgment member is really strong, and although she’s proud and confident in her abilities, she’s not one who blames mistakes on other people’s shortcomings (at least not in the present). I guess it’s a good way for the Anime writers to maybe show more sides to her character but numerous viewers are reacting negatively to it. Sometimes, I just feel like recommending people to read the Railgun manga to see that Kuroko isn’t the kind of irritating person they think she is.

  6. November 4, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    Well that’s kind of ashame because I like her being irritating. I like her showing her emotions all the time. She does have a strong responsibility which five showed very round and she is a rather mature girl.

    J.C. Staff likes to mess with fillers. Another reason why their not my favorite anime studio.

    That being said, I do like this Kuroko though.

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