Battle Moon Wars Perfect [Orange Farm Archive]


Takumi> “Your big mistake was assuming I just had a giant sword, Vorpal-Usagi-San!!”

Edit: This post should of been posted on Saturday, but since the blog is looking a little empty, I’ll post it today. Expect your weekly Touhou on Saturday and some Railgun discussion when I get back from BBGXII.  Wish me luck~

My favorite thing to do after I’ve exhausted my anime for the week, played out all my fighting games, spent time with mai waifu, and still have a large amount of work to procrastinate is blog.  My next favorite thing is to play Battle Moon Wars (BMW).  I’ve been saving this post for a rainy day, and since since I’m currently at the MBAA tournament Battle By The Gazeebo I figured I’d let this post fly on auto pilot so you know what I’m doing when I’m not getting my hype on.


Magical girl forms make everything better.

For those of you who don’t know, BMW is a very simple doujin tactics game which crossovers all the Type Moon settings in a general gun out between the protagonists and antagonists of Nasuverse.  Courtesy of Werk, the animations are fun to watch, and the combat system is cliche but requires some thought.  It’s a good way to relax or get away from whatever you’re doing if you’re not in a mood for anything in particular.  I do keep a “bored folder” on my desktop, and while I actually am an advocate of using your free time productively (no matter what it may be – the reason I maintain this blog), we all get into those modes where we really feel like doing nothing.  Those modes usually come between 2-4am, and blasting through a few stages of Battle Moon Wars is an easy way to tire out your mind so you can manage some sleep.


Not to say the game is too easy, if you never played a tactics game before you might get a bit of a challenge out of it.  It has some interesting mechanics for a doujin game, but compared to other tactics games it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.  It’s a good introduction to this style of game, especially if you’re a type moon fan.  BMW has characters from Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, and Kara no Kyoukai.  It also features two original characters, Takumi and Haruna – who are designed pretty well.  Takumi is pretty S-tier for combat, as well.


Kohaku is a master for the Blue Blue Glass Grail War~

The real tactics gamer of the blog is Darkslime, but I gave my shot at BMW and had some fun with it.  The english patch was done by Aroduc and can be found here.  It translates 97% of the material from Act’s 1-4 and the recently released Perfect edition.  Thanks to him for allowing us to share in the fun.


Off to fight with mai waifu in the Blue Blue Glass Grail War!


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