Touhou News 2009.10.17 + Weekly Arrangements VI [Orange Farm Archive]

Rolling right along with this week’s updates – but again, mostly figurine updates. However, I have been toying around with the format of these posts – tell me if you like it!


○ Official News

None to speak of!

○ Fanbase News

──────── MysticalChain Ver1.12 Patch Released
Horray for bug fixes~ People with version 1.10 or earlier need to patch to 1.11 first before patching to 1.12.

──────── Touhou Hack And Slash ver. 1.20e Patch Release
I *still* have not tried this game out, despite being a fan of Samurai Warriors. I wonder if it’s anything like it?

──────── Rakugo-style Kaguya and Eirin Dolls
Some photos of a Kaguya doll and an Eirin doll. Looks like the most the guy did was dress them up anyway, but it’s still kind of neat. For something different, you know… haha *sweat*

──────── Reimu, Yuyuko, and Youmu Bust Statues
And following right along, a group of bust statues from Ques Q. abuh? Of note is the fact that each only costs 3360 yen (~$35), but Toylet has them up for like $55. Start from here: http://www.toylet.net/thbust-reimu.html (the others should be around there somewhere)

──────── Figure Photos from Treasure Festa in Yoake 2
Photos of about a zillion Touhou figures from Treasure Festa. I would totally buy that ZUN figurine. It’s freaking amazing and deserves to be at the top of that page!

──────── Circle Maps for “Archery Shinto Priest Festival” and “Dai-Kyuu-shuu Touhou Festival”
That “Dai-Kyuu-shuu” thing is a joke – lol number 9, but it’s actually saying “Kyushu”(as in, the part of Japan).

○ Weekly Arrangements: 2009-42

The pack is up here for download, enjoy~

Banner Arranger Song Name Source
Fresh Bread Mapleweiss Mapleweiss
Futepen Romper Girl Beloved Tomboy
Hakuginn Pub of the Beloved Tomboys Beloved Tomboy
Haru Heian Alien Heian Alien
Iruka Oriental Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years Fate of Sixty Years
mocchie Myonmyonmyonmyonmyu Ancient Temple
mocchie Lunatic Clock Luna Dial
Nya-kitsu Time Magic “Cool Pose” The Maid and the Bloody Pocketwatch
Producer is Me Youkai mountain ~Test~! Mysterious Mountain
Rikuya In the Magician’s Study Love-Colored Master Spark
Utsubo Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle Dream Battle
XX Necro Fantasia Necrofantasia
Yuy theme of story Theme of Eastern Story

1 Response to “Touhou News 2009.10.17 + Weekly Arrangements VI [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. 1 komidol
    October 17, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    You’ll need to teach me some of these tables and things you use for your posts, Slime-kun.

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