Anime Saimoe 2009 Finals: Toradorable vs Un~tanational Superstar! [Orange Farm Archive]


The finals are on October 17th!  Today we will be taking a look at these two top-tier moe contests.

Most people will tell you Saimoe died around 2006, but I think that along with the summer of 2009 came a whole new year of informed otaku (IE not newfags) and brought back a lot of old fans.   Real quick, if you don’t know what saimoe is, it’s a battle of moe to determine who has the most cuteness and turn-ons of the year!

Taiga and Yui are both new to Saimoe and were both from shows that started fresh in 2009.  Since I covered both of them, I’m happy to declare my moe sensors are top-tier.  Ever since the top 16 came out Saki-jampacked I was hoping that this final would happen.  Sure enough, despite Endless Eight KyoAni managed to shine through and J.C. Staff’s hardcore fanbase proved to capitalize and hit the finals.

Speaking of their respective companies, even though they are new this is still a a battle between two long-standing companies in the anime industry.  The remaining KyoAni fans supporting Yui, and the mass rave Rie Kugimiya fans supporting their Toradorable Taiga.  Can KyoAni’s final moe stand of Un~Tan conquer their dissapointed fans and have enough left over to defeat the hardcore Rie fanbase, or will tsundere Taiga fight her way to the top only to blush in the end?

It’s a Tsundere vs MoeBlob and for moe shows, they were both the most popular shows of their respective seasons!

Moe Qualities


Main Title:  Moe Blob
Personality: Dreamy/Fun/Lazy/Silly/Stupid
Words: Onii-chan complex.
Special: Giitah-playing, Capability of summoning bubbles or stars around her.
Physically:  Flat Chested, High-School Student
Most Memorable for: Un~Tan
Known As: …Yui-Senpai!?…Senpai?…Senpai!


Main Title: Tsundere
Personality:  Pushy/Emotional/Rough/Physical
Words: “Baka!” “Urusai!”
Special: Bokken-wielding, blushes at anything.
Physically: DFC
Most Memorable for:Toradorable
Known As: Palm-Top Taiga


While Yui is a favorite for winning in this match with more total votes, Taiga did manage to knock out Azu-nyan early on!  Yui managed to overcome previous champion Rika, and a ton of Saki while Taiga overcame her tsunder counterparts and her own Ami~n!  Or was Ami just being a bro and decided to give up for her friend, we will never know, but go vote on the 17th for the champion!

While I personally find Taiga more attractive and would probably date her (if I wasn’t married of course) long before Yui, this is a moe contest and Yui is just far more cute, has more qualities of moe, and executes them far more than Taiga does.  My vote’s for Yui in this one.  I never was on the Rie Kugimiya boat but I actually had to think pretty hard about this one.  I won’t be dissapointed with whoever wins, and expect to see them both in the top 16 next year (assuming we get some OVA’s in 2010).

Though hey if it was a one night stand thing, I’d totally be in it for Taiga.

But If it comes down to moe, the LOYALTY of the Orange Farm to KyoAni and knowledge of moe I’ve seen in my day has without a doubt cast my vote for Yui.

Good luck to both contestants.


3 Responses to “Anime Saimoe 2009 Finals: Toradorable vs Un~tanational Superstar! [Orange Farm Archive]”

  1. October 16, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    AHHHHHHH! *explodes*

  2. 2 komidol
    October 16, 2009 at 11:51 PM

    Deceased: Patches, LOYAL Commenter
    Cause of Death: Moe Overdose
    Time of Death: Saimoe Finals HYPE-Time

    We will miss you, Patches.

  3. 3 komidol
    October 17, 2009 at 3:32 PM

    Looks like Taiga managed to take it…congrats to her.

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